The group’s concerts in foreign countries were visited by various K-pop fans and one of their singles reached the No. 1 position on music charts. After consulting and receiving votes from the university students, the members decided that it is better to use a certain fandom name. Might be you like to check: The ATEEZ Demon Line: What Is It and Which Members Belong to the Demon Line? Find out more about Ateez’s fandom name, in this article. Stay tuned!

Ateez’s Fandom Name And Meaning

After collecting all the potential fandom name candidates, Ateez and their fans decided to call themselves Atiny. Atiny is a combination of two words, Ateez, and destiny. The fandom name means that Ateez and their fans are always going to meet each other or they are destined for the meeting.

Ateez’s Fandom Name Voting

Ateez’s management announced the top five fandom name candidates for fans to choose from. They were Azeet, Treasure, Zeeta, Zteez, and Atiny. The name candidates were chosen by fans, while the management chose only five of the most popular name candidates.

Ateez’s Fandom Name Announcement

The announcement was held through a V Live streaming platform and fans were able to choose among the final five name candidates. In November, five of numerous fandom name candidates sent by fans were selected. The vote decided that the fans love Atiny as their fandom name.

Ateez’s Lightstick

Ateez unveiled their first official lightstick on January 21st, 2020. Their lightstick concept was an elegant and adventurous concept. Ateez lightstick is shaped like a microphone with a sphere – reminiscent of The Earth’s globe – at one end. The item comes in one color, a black handle with a copper accent and a transparent globe. There is a huge compass needle inside of the globe. Might be you like to check: ATINY, LET’S HAVE A THROWBACK TO ATEEZ’S DEBUT ERA! Ateez used a pirate concept for their lightstick alongside a pirate treasure vest for the box package. Inside the box, there is a black strap for the lightstick and a user manual. The light modes come in four types: white on, white blink, red aurora, and green aurora. What do you think about Ateez’s fandom name? The boys have one of the coolest fandom names among K-pop groups. Do you agree with their fandom name? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account.

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