#Twice2 is an album that was released on March 6th, 2019. The album has both Korean songs that were released with Japanese versions.

Background of “What Is Love? (Japanese Ver.)”

“What Is Love” is a song that was released along with the release of the #Twice2 album. The album first announced its release in January 2019. The album comes in three versions: the standard edition, first press limited edition A that includes the CD and photo book, and limited edition B that has the CD and DVD in it. While the physical album has three versions, #Twice2 was also released in a digital format but only contains five Japanese songs on the album. Before the release of #Twice2, TWICE previously released “What Is Love Japanese Version” as a digital single on February 7th, 2019. They also released the music video for “What Is Love.”

Story of “What Is Love? (Japanese Ver.)”

They say love is sweet like candy, and they say that falling in love makes you smile all day. That’s why TWICE has been curious about love. And, through “What Is Love,” TWICE has been wondering when they will find that kind of love they learned about in movies, books, and dramas. Sometimes, thinking about what kind of love will come to us can make our hearts explode with excitement, and it can make us happy. Love is powerful. The sweetness of love in our imagination can make us feel it would be better than in the movies or any drama. We hope that kind of love will come to us. This song that is as sweet as TWICE’s voices was written by J.Y. Park “The Asiansoul” and Risa Horie. The music composer for “What Is Love? Japanese Version” is also J.Y. Park “The Asiansoul.” Min Lee “collapsedone” who also worked on several TWICE songs was the producer of “What Is Love? Japanese Version.”

MV of “What Is Love (Japanese Ver.)”

The MV of “What Is Love? Japanese Version” was released on February 7th, 2019 along with the digital single. The Japanese version of the MV is pretty much the same as the Korean version of the “What Is Love?” music video. In the music video, TWICE’s members watch movies together, and each TWICE member represents a different character from a popular romance movie. In the music video, Nayeon performs as Mia from Princess Diaries who goes through a transformation. Jeongyeon and Sana portray the characters from Ghost, Molly and Sam. There are also the hero and heroine from the movie La Boum that is Vic and Matthieu that are played by Mina and Dahyun. Dancing together, Sana and Tzuyu perform as Mia and Vincent from the movie Pulp Fiction. There are also the characters from the famous romance tragedy that is Romeo and Juliet from the movie Romeo+Juliet that are played by Jeongyeon and Tzuyu. Once again, Jeongyeon plays a male character as Itsuki from Love Letter with Jihyo playing Hiroko. The phenomenal romance musical movie La La Land is also included in the “What Is Love” Japanese music video with Momo and Tzuyu playing Mia and Sebastian. Last, there’s Leon and Matilda from the movie Leon: The Professional with the characters being played by Dahyun and Chaeyoung. You might like: Here Are the 8 Movie References in TWICE’s ‘What Is Love’ MV! The music video of “What Is Love? Japanese Version” in 2021 has 23M views with more than 357K likes on the video.

“What Is Love? (Japanese Ver.)” Performance

The Japanese version of “What Is Love?” was performed on stage several times. They performed it when they did the Tokyo Dome Tour and when they were invited to the Rakuten Girls Award.


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