The members have great chemistry with each other, so many fans are shipping them as a couple or also known as a bromance. Is there any favorite ship from the list above? If you haven’t chosen yet, let’s take a look for more details in this session below to get to know more about SF9’s ship, their interaction, and moments together!

SF9’s BinSeong (Youngbin x Inseong)

SF9’s BinSeong became the favorite ship that managed to get a position in the 1st rank. Many fans know that they are entering an enlistment era together since SF9’s Youngbin and Inseong is the group’s oldest member. They started enlisted in the army in March 2022. Besides that, SF9’s BinSeong has also released a collaboration song titled “On And On”. The two are also often seen together, holding hands and hugging each other while on stage. They are not shy when it comes to skinship.

Also, SF9’s Youngbin and Inseong became an iconic duo who had a photoshoot together for ARENA HOMME+. In this photoshoot session, fans can see the charisma of SF9’s BinSeong, who looks charming and like they suit each other’s personalities well.

SF9’s RoChan (Rowoon x Chani)

Many fans also have their favorite ship with SF9’s RoChan. They act like brothers and sometimes seem to fight over one thing. When SF9’s RoChan appeared as a guest star on JTBC’s ‘Ask Us Anything’, they both argued with each other because of Kim Hye-yoon. They told how the three of them texted each other, and SF9’s Rowoon thought Kim Hye-yoon was avoiding him. The actress who starred in ‘Extraordinary You’ is confused because she thinks SF9’s RoChan is excellent friends with her. The two members named SF9’s RoChan have other activities as actors, so many K-Drama fans know them by their appearance in dramas. SF9’s RoChan might be a famous ship because of their busy schedule and solo achievement by working as an idol and actor simultaneously.

SF9’s ChanBin (Chani x Youngbin)

SF9’s ChanBin gets the 3rd rank when it comes to SF9’s ship. They both appeared in the same project and released a single titled “Divin”. When it comes to bromance, they rarely show it, but many fans believe they are an underrated ship. SF9’s Chani and Youngbin also danced together on MBC’s ‘Idol Radio’ and showed that they could be in sync in dancing. Not only that, SF9’s ChanBin also often uses their time to do dance practice together. Their quality time makes both of them have improved dance skills. In some vlogs and showcases, there are SF9’s ChanBin moments that you can watch. They are rarely spotted together, but they have chemistry with each other and take care of each other well. It means that the two of them have great harmony between them.

SF9’s JaeWon (Jaeyoon x Dawon)

SF9’s Jaewon got the 4th rank in SF9’s ship. They are one of the underrated ships in this group, and it’s rare for fans to even spot their moments together. But after all, SF9’s JaeWon is a pretty chaotic ship when it comes to their chemistry together. SF9’s JaeWon once had the opportunity to sleep in one room in a hotel, and they both had time to do a live stream to interact with their fans. SF9’s Jaeyoon and Dawon tried to talk about many things but ended up acting silly and telling funny stories.

Fans can also see that they are actually close to each other and also take care of each other when they are performing on stage. Even though it’s a little underrated, SF9’s JaeWon is really going well with each other, as you can see while they’re performing “Gangnam Style”, here!

SF9’s TaeSeong (Taeyang x Inseong)

SF9’s TaeSeong becomes SF9’s ship with the lowest rank in 5th position. The two of them are also a ship that seems to often fight and have chaotic moments together when they are seen together. Their chemistry with each other is unquestionable because they actually care about one another.

In some moments during V Live or simply performing on stage, SF9’s Taeyang is often seen sitting with or standing next to Inseong. They also pay attention to each other when they talk and make jokes together. If you look closely, SF9’s Inseong is more mischievous than SF9’s Taeyang, but there are moments when SF9’s Taeyang will repay his teammate’s treatment and be playful around him. Their closeness can be said if they look like brothers who care for each other. That was all for the information about SF9’s ship that you should know. Which one of your favorite ships and their moments from the list above? If there’s any, make sure to keep supporting SF9’s member’s careers, so that they can be more successful in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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