Unfortunately, after seven years of career as a girl group and receiving many awards, JYP Entertainment stated that Miss A broke up. There are rumors that say that the dissolution of Miss A is because one of them became an insufferable diva and didn’t want to be a singer anymore. She caused so much dissension that the other members decided it was healthier to leave than stick around. Well, now all Miss A members focus on their personal activities. On the other hand, Fei is now focused on her activities in China and has become a solo artist. Want to know more about Fei after Miss A’s Disbandment? Check this out!

Miss A’s Disbandment and Parting Ways with JYP Entertainment

  In December 2017, JYP Entertainment stated that Miss A was disbanded, JYP Entertainment officially announced their disbandment by simply stating, “Our label girl group Miss A has disbanded.” The news about Miss A’s disbandment was not so surprising for Miss A fans, remembering that Jia and Min had already left Miss A. During a photoshoot for a magazine, Fei said that she cried seeing the news that Miss A was declared disbanded. Fei apparently couldn’t hold back her tears because she just couldn’t let go. After Miss A was declared disbanded, Fei uploaded Miss A’s photo on her personal Instagram and wrote, “It is where we started. It is how I met you all. I will always cherish and love the beautiful memories with #MissA and every one of you who supported and loved us. Will you now walk on a new path with me and join me on a brand new adventure together? Love my #sayA. I’ll still tell myself to make the same choice because if I hadn’t made that choice, there wouldn’t have been Miss A or the Wang Fei Fei that I am today.” In January 2019, Fei finally disclosed to the public that she had an amicable break-up with her label, JYP Entertainment when her contract ended. Shortly after, she joined the famous Huayi Brothers agency which manages the careers of Angelababy, Feng Shao Feng, Yao Chen, and more A-Listers.

Wang Fei as a Solo Artist

After Miss A was declared disbanded, all Miss A members focused on their individual activities and one of them, Fei, focused on being a solo artist and focused on her activities in China. Fei made her solo singing debut in 2016 with the single, “Fantasy,” which Billboard magazine critics named one of the 20 best K-Pop songs of 2016. The single “Fantasy” was released in July 2016 and Fei also did promotions for her single on M! Countdown. However, Fei’s appearance on M! Countdown actually received criticism from many people. Starting from criticism because Fei did lipsync, her hair was considered strange because it was red, and the EEZ conflict in China and the Philippines where Fei showed support for the country of her birth. Many negative comments were directed at Fei, but Fei still tried to do her best.

Fei Pursuing an Acting Career in China

Fei expressed her feelings after starring in several dramas and her experience working in China as an actress. Reported from Soompi, Fei opened up about her recent activities as an actress in China. She stated, “A singer puts on energetic performances on stage and has to express more charisma in their expressions than usual. But being an actress is different. It’s much more static, calm, and restrained. I wasn’t used to that so I had a bit of trouble at first.” Talking about the turning point in her career, Fei said, “When I first arrived in China, I thought about continuing my singing career and taking acting classes in between. But I changed my mind once I started being active. I just really wanted to do well as an actress and I started watching and studying lots of films.” Fei spoke of the dilemma she faced around that time as she shared, “2016 was a year where my head was buzzing with so many thoughts. I wondered if I should keep being a singer, whether I should continue to pursue a career in Korea or be in China. I had so many things to think about. So I just got up and went traveling. I learned how to empty my mind and accept things the way they are. I learned that it was important to approach everything with the proper mindset. I used to have it as a rookie.” She also spoke of her deep affection for Miss A, who officially disbanded in December 2017. Fei described her time as a member as, “Some of the most difficult, but happiest moments of my life. Those moments are so precious to me, I couldn’t live without them.” When asked to share the most memorable moments of her life, Fei chose when she flew to Korea, when she made her debut as a member of Miss A, and when Miss A won a Daesang. She showed that she has kept her love for singing, as she was asked the question, “What gives you small but absolute happiness?” And she responded, “Hanging out with my friends, especially when we go to karaoke. We’ve gone to karaoke rooms before with just four bottles of water and for four hours.”

Fei’s First Drama, Cover The Sky

Cover the Sky is a drama that tells about a place in a great continent grounded on the skeletal bones of a phoenix that is inhabited by many nations and people. Suddenly, in the region to the West, seven volcanoes that have been inactive for centuries begin to erupt and their fire burns a red blanket that is large enough to cover the sky, blazing across heaven and earth. In this drama, Wang Fei Fei plays the role of Qin Di who is the main character in this drama. Fei’s acting in this drama is enough to give satisfaction to the audience and get praise. Cover the Sky is Fei’s first drama that she participated in in 2018.

Fei and Jia’s Friendship

Even though Miss A has broken up, the friendship between Fei and Jia has remained very close. They continue to support one another and give encouragement to their projects or activities, even Fei and Jia always share news and tell each other everything. During Jia’s reunion with Fei, the two adorably pouted their lips as they rested on a public bench. They even matched for the day, both decked in baggy black and white clothes. Well, want to know more about their friendship? Check this out! Both of them look so cute in white, right?

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