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2PM’s Chansung Announced His Marriage and Expecting a Child

2PM’s Chansung suddenly revealed shocking yet surprising news. Through his Instagram, the idol-actor shared a handwritten letter announcing his marriage plan! Previously, Chansung is well-known as the youngest member of 2PM and also successfully debuted as an actor. He was rarely involved in dating rumors, despite his closeness with his co-work while working on dramas. Obviously, his announcement to get married is something that was not anticipated by people, especially his fans. Through the letter, Chansung explains that he has been in a relationship with his fiance for a long time, although their initial relationship was a friend before turning into a lover. Chansung revealed that her fiance is a non-celebrity, so he can’t share about her more details in terms of privacy. The two of them have decided to get married, and along the way, a new blessing has come into their life. Yes, Chansung and his fiance are expecting their first child! Furthermore, Chansung added that his contract with JYP Entertainment was over, and he decided to left the agency which has been with him for 15 years. But still, he assured the fans that the decision has made after a long discussion, and the agency was supporting his decision after all. He will always be a part of 2PM and continue his career both as a K-Pop idol and actor.

2PM’s Chansung’s Soon-To-Be Wife: She Is a Non-Celebrity

Since 2PM’s Chansung has revealed that his soon-to-be wife is a non-celebrity, and many people are curious about her. But still, there are no further details about 2PM’s Chansung’s fiance. Some of the details that have spread through the internet are that 2PM’s Chansung’s fiance is 8 years older than him. Meanwhile, through his letter, it seems like Chansung and her fiance have known each other for a very long time. “This person has been the resting place for my unstable heart, and she is also a friend with who can I share everything since then, and now, then she became my girlfriend. My partner on this road to creating a new family doesn’t have the same job as mine, so I ask for your generous understanding for not revealing her [identity],” said Chansung in his letter.

JYP Entertainment’s Official Statement about Chansung’s Marriage and His Departure From The Agency

Regarding Chansung’s marriage announcement and his decision to not renew the contract with JYP Entertainment, the agency also released an official statement afterward. “When 2PM members renewed their contracts, every member ended up with a different contract period. And in Chansung‘s case, his contract period has ended [without renewing it]. Meanwhile, the remaining members like Jun.K, Wooyoung, Junho, and Nichkhun still have a lot of time left on their contracts period,” said a representative of JYP Entertainment. With that decision, Chansung is the second member who decided to left the agency, since Taecyeon was the first who didn’t want to renew the contract and left JYP Entertainment in 2018. Currently, he belongs to another agency and is still a part of 2PM.

Fans’ Reaction to Chansung’s Marriage and His Departure

The public especially HOTTEST (2PM’s fandom) was very surprised by the sudden marriage announcement from Chansung. Some of them congratulate Chansung and his fiance, but some people are still processing the news and needed some time to think. Here are some of the various fans’ reactions about Chansung’s marriage and his decision to not renew the contract: “Wow, congrats! I don’t wanna anyone to hate any couples, let them date or marry anyone if they want. I’m happy! I hope to hear news like this more” “No offense but can idols just announce their marriage without getting their fiancee pregnant first?” “Congratulations but I’m still in shock” “Not disappointed but not surprised, a little surprise, anyway congratulations! May 2022 be a happy year for you and your new family!” “Never thought that the maknae getting married first. Here I thought, it will be Taecyeon… congratulations on your wedding!” “I’m not gonna lie that it is a trend of getting pregnant and then marrying but at least it’s a good one”.

— ChanSu💚💛TaecNuneo fan✌️ (@waiting2ndlife) March 12, 2022 That’s everything about 2PM’s Chansung’s wife, the marriage announcement, and his departure from JYP Entertainment! Some people might still be surprised by the sudden news, but still, as fans, we should congratulate him and respect his decision after all! Don’t you think that Chansung will be a good husband and father as well? Leave a comment below regarding that matter and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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