When it comes to visuals, SM Entertainment also has its own standards for every idol who debuts under the agency, one of them is aespa who debuted in 2020. As a rookie girl group, aespa has indeed been known to have perfect visuals. Therefore, let’s find out who is the visual of aespa and their visual rank in this article below!

aespa’s Visual Is Karina

In aespa, the member who has the position as visual is Karina. The member who has a real name as Yoo Ji-min amazed many people with her unreal beauty and appearance. Not only that, aespa’s Karina’s pre-debut pictures that have been seen on online communities have also become a topic of discussion, because not much has changed from her beautiful visual. Do you think aespa’s Karina is suitable as a visual of the group?

aespa’s Visual Rank Based On Korean Beauty Standard

aespa consist with 4 members: Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning. Maybe many people will be confused about which member is the most beautiful from aespa, because they all look incredibly beautiful and stunning, right? Therefore, let’s take a look which member has the highest rank in visual based on Korean beauty standard in this session below!

aespa’s Karina’s Visual

aespa’s Karina became the member who will be mentioned by name the most when talking about beauty. Her visual is almost perfect and nothing beats her looks! aespa’s Karina received the highest rank as the member who has perfect visual. aespa’s Karina’s visual really matches the Korean beauty standards, because she has a small cute face with sharp jaw, double eyelids and high nose bridge. Many praise her visual because she has a perfect facial features that maybe not all idols have. Fans who are commented about her visual must be saying that aespa’s Karina has a perfect beauty. “She is very beautiful,” commented netizens. “How can she look that beautiful? She is so perfect,” added another netizen. “Karina has incredible proportions,” praised netizens.

aespa’s Winter’s Visual

Beside visuals, Korean fans will also be happy if their favorite idol has charm, one of it is aegyo. Have you ever noticed K-Pop idols doing aegyo a lot? Yup, they had to do aegyo to entertain their fans and some of them also naturally has cute vibes without even trying hard. In aespa, they also have a member who steals attention from the fans by her aegyo. Can you guess it? Well, aespa’s Winter is known as one of the members who is naturally very cute and sweet. Her appearance is almost likely a pocket size, which is small and full with cuteness. aespa’s Winter took second place when it comes to visuals, because she has pretty eyes and her aura can switch between cold and hot when performed on the stage.

aespa’s Giselle’s Visual

aespa’s Giselle is the only member who comes from Japan and also communicates the most with international fans. Some comments say that aespa’s Giselle has a visual similar to f(x)’s Krystal. She also received praise with her beautiful face, even before her debut. If aespa’s Karina is famous for her double eyelids, then aespa’s Giselle also has almost the same facial features, because she has big round eyes as her best charm. People also admired aespa’s Giselle’s visual for having high bridge nose and small lips. Some comments from fans also mentioned that aespa’s Giselle’s beauty is natural, “I personally think she is the prettiest in the group,” commented netizens, “She looks better with lighter makeup,” said another.

aespa’s Ningning’s Visual

aespa’s Ningning became the last least attractive member according to Korean beauty standard. One of the member who came from China also has similarities with the idol who debuted earlier than her, which is BLACKPINK’s Jennie. The beauty of aespa’s Ningning was once a conversation among Korean netizens, because she caught the attention of many people with her strong voice and her visuals became prettier day by day. “Ningning is beautiful and hardworking, her personality is cute too! Ningning fits my type the most in aespa,” a netizen said. “She has a sexy face right now, a round cat type. She is skinny but her cheeks are chubby. She is too cute,” praised netizens. “I wasn’t sure at first but the more I saw Ningning, the more beautiful she was,” wrote a netizen. Do you agree that aespa’s Ningning’s visual looks least attractive than the other members? Well, that was all for the information about aespa’s visual and their rank based on Korean beauty standard. Let’s continue to give support and love to aespa and please don’t send any hate comments regarding their looks, because they deserve a lot of love. If you like this article, don’t forget to share on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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