The Leader of Red Velvet Irene’s Dating Rumors

Irene has not yet announced a relationship with someone after her debut. She has been involved in some dating rumors with some celebrities, but none of them seem to be true. However, before she became a trainee in SM Entertainment, Irene was spotted with a boy who appeared to be quite close to her at a karaoke. As Irene was wearing a high school uniform people supposed that she was with her high school boyfriend. No confirmation about this old photo has been released but Irene admitted that she had dated in high school before joining the entertainment industry as a trainee. The ‘original visual’ of SM Entertainment was rumored of dating some celebrities and fellow idols in SM Entertainment such as Suho from EXO, Chanyeol from EXO, and Park Bo-gum. Chanyeol expressed how pretty she is. His compliment brought about the assumption that they may be involved in a relationship. Suho and Irene’s dating rumor drew a lot of attention and was in the spotlight as it additionally got plenty of positive responses and support. A netizen even made the ship name SURENE (standing for Suho x Irene). Their dating rumor started in 2015 when Suho bought Irene an L-holder. In addition, Irene looked comfortable around Suho while doing activities at SM Entertainment events, such as walking and eating snacks while talking with Suho and eating ramen together. Until now, there’s yet to reveal any real evidence about whether Suho and Irene have ever dated or they are just close friends. Park Bo-gum and Irene were also involved in a dating rumor and people talked about them after they had an activity together. However, Irene dismissed the issue on Radio Star as she expressed that she had never heard about her and Park Bo-gum being rumored of dating.

Red Velvet’s Irene’s Ideal Type

Irene was asked about her ideal type, she mentioned that she likes a gentleman and prefers to choose based on personality rather than appearance. Moreover, Irene tends to value a man from his heart. She also expressed that she wants to be with someone who she is comfortable around and compatible with. If he has a lot in common with her, she could be around him, Irene stated.

The Lead Dancer of Red Velvet Seulgi’s Dating Rumors

Seulgi is popular for her talent in dancing which is why she is often referred to as the K-pop Dancing Queen with incredible vocal skills. Based on her interview in Radio Star, Seulgi has never dated anyone. However, there’s a rumor involving Seulgi and Kyuhyun saying that they are involved in a relationship. Seulgi denied confidently that they aren’t dating and Kyuhyun is not her type.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi’s Ideal Type

Seulgi stated that her type is someone who doesn’t have double eyelids, can talk with her, and can make her comfortable. Seulgi’s ideal type is possibly like actors Ji-sung and Jo Jung-suk whom she has mentioned as some actors she has fallen in love with the roles of their acting.

The Vocal Queen of Red Velvet Wendy’s Dating Rumors

Wendy is the queen of vocals in Red Velvet, she always gets the high pitch line in their songs and always sounds amazing. Wendy has never dated before, she tried to have experience but the lie detector said otherwise. However, fans keep shipping her with BTS’s Suga since people love to make their own dating scenario based on their character or preference. This dating ship is just something made up by fans, there is no proof that they are actually dating.

Red Velvet’s Wendy’s Ideal Type

Wendy’s ideal type is someone who is considerate, has a good attitude, and loves to smile. Moreover, Wendy also stated in the variety show Knowing Bros that she likes a man who is nice and caring like a dad figure.

The Sexy Beauty of Red Velvet Joy’s Dating Rumors

Joy has a cheerful and easy-going personality, which makes her attractive to many people. She even went viral internationally after her performance wearing a red sexy dress, which stood out immensely while she was on stage. Among Red Velvet members, Joy is the only one who has announced her dating and relationship in public. She confirmed dating Crush, the rapper and solo singer. Before her dating issue, Joy was involved in a dating rumor with BTOB’s Sungjae. They appeared together in the reality show We Got Married. Since their chemistry was really good and they looked very cute together, many people have shipped them to be a real couple. However, it was just a reality show that had an entertaining purpose. Joy admitted that when in high school she never had a chance to date so she was a bit jealous to see couples and she believes she could be a good girlfriend.

Red Velvet’s Joy and Crush Confirmed Dating

Joy and Crush have a cute history of the relationship. Before they dated, Crush admitted that he is a fan of Red Velvet and wants to have collaborated with them. Long story short, Crush contacted SM Entertainment to propose a duet project with Joy, and then it succeeded. Joy and Crush got into a song project together titled “Mayday” and Joy also appeared in some of his music videos. Their lovely relationship is also shown on their song launching live meeting; they are quite comfortable and complement each other during the live. Joy and Crush also performed with a recorder which was Joy’s extracurricular back in school. Later on, they confirmed that they are dating and have started getting to know each other more. What a lovely couple!

Red Velvet’s Joy’s Ideal Type

Joy expressed that her ideal type is rock singer Park Wan-kyu. She admired him after watching a video clip of him singing “Lovely Night” and shaking his hips that look attractive to her.

The Charming and Cute Red Velvet Yeri’s Dating Rumor

Yeri is the youngest member of Red Velvet and the rapper of the group. Yeri has also never been in a relationship, however, she was rumored of dating NCT’s Taeyong. The ship between them started in 2018 and fans gave them the nickname M Couple. Fans find the relationship between these SM artists quite suspicious. Nevertheless, the dating rumor involving Yeri and Taeyong has remained unconfirmed.

Red Velvet’s Yeri’s Ideal Type

Yeri expressed that she actually doesn’t have any type. However, she explained about the character that her man should have. Yeri wants a man who is gentle and knows how to read the situation well. She also added that she doesn’t like a bad boy, but she also doesn’t want someone too sensitive either. Yeri prefers someone who has similarities with her in some way. She mentioned Jo In-sung and Gang Dong-won as her ideal men. Although she stated handsome is not her priority in choosing a man, both Jo In-sung and Gang Dong-won are good-looking. That’s all about Red Velvet members dating. Check out Red Velvet’s activity updates on their Instagram! So, which rumor could be true based on your opinion? Write a comment with your thoughts in the section below and don’t forget to kindly share this Channel-Korea article on Twitter, too.

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