Since his debut until now, there is no official statement regarding his girlfriend. Most likely because Jackson Wang is actually single or he just doesn’t want to share his private life with the public.

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So now, in this article, we have gathered information to fulfill your curiosity about Jackson Wang’s girlfriend and ex-girlfriends. Stay tuned!

Jackson Wang Is Too Busy To Have A Girlfriend

Jackson Wang is busy and booked, he doesn’t have time to date anyone right now. Jackson Wang is working hard to chase his dream even after GOT7 left JYP Entertainment and he debuted as a solo artist. When he was still together with GOT7,  Jackson Wang said many times to an interview or variety shows that he only focus on his career instead of dating. On December 17, 2014, Jackson Wang appeared for a youthful and entertaining episode of MBC’s Radio Star and stated, “I came to Korea to do music, so I don’t think I should be dating right now.” It has already been long years since GOT7’s debut in 2014. Most artists would probably rejoice once the dating promise is fulfilled. However, this is not the case with Jackson Wang. He is having second thoughts about that. On January 5, 2017, during an InStyle Korea Facebook Live session with his fans, he revealed his plans to stick to the dating ban rule even after the expiration date. “Should I really tell you honestly? I really don’t have the thoughts to date now,” he said.

“It is because I can’t even take care of myself, so how am I supposed to take care of others? I’m lacking even in taking care of myself, so how do I take care of someone else? To take care of someone, I must have the ability, the time, and I have to have everything. I don’t have anything so how do I take care of someone? I’m not even taking good care of my parents, so how do I take care of other people? I have no ability. Like, I don’t have the right to date now,” he explained. According to KStarLive, on the January 24th episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Jackson Wang talked about the possibility of getting a girlfriend in 2018. However, he revealed that he has no plan to date anyone in 2018, unlike others who might dream of being in a relationship. “My schedule is fully booked. I don’t even have time to sleep these days. To be honest, I want to date, but it’s not a joke, you know. Dating is not all about fun. One has to have a great deal of responsibility. So, I need time for that, but I just don’t at the moment,” he explained. “I don’t think I’ll be dating at all in 2018. I’m going to give it my everything towards GOT7,” he continued. Up to this day, he is still the man who is busy with his career instead of dating because nothing is heard about his dating life. Jackson is a truly hardworking man!

Jackson Wang’s Dating Ban From JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment is famous for a dating ban for their artists, three years after debut. Jackson who debuted under JYP Entertainment with GOT7 is one of them. On February 14, 2015, Jackson Wang appeared on JTBC’s Dating Alone virtual dating show. The show showed the second part of his virtual date with Girls’ Generation’s Yuri as the MCs watched over them. One of the MCs, Jeon Hyun-moo, asked if Jackson Wang has a girlfriend, but he revealed that he made a promise to JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin-young. “I can’t date right now because I’m currently under contract. JYP is quite harsh when it comes to dating rules,” he explained as reported by Soompi. However, on December 4, 2015, in a Tencent interview, when asked if the company strictly prohibits him from dating or not, Jackson Wang answered, “There’s no ban. There’s no policy that idols can’t date. Our company isn’t like that. How do I say this? There’s no rule or requirement. You decide. I feel that, right now, I should put my work or career as my priority; it’s right.” He also added he won’t date for 5 years to focus on work, as translated by Omonatheydidnt by a user named 22_taken. You can also watch the interview video with English subtitles by a user named Denyse below!

Surprisingly, the dating ban actually doesn’t exist. But, it looks more like a promise not to date that Jackson Wang is determined to fulfill. In addition, JYP’s dating ban is not present in the contracts. But, JYP Entertainment artists treat the promise to not date seriously, saying things like “when you’re a rookie, dating can ruin your image and make you lose your fans.”

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