Jang Na-ra has never revealed her boyfriend before. But, on June 3rd, 2022, she announced that she will be getting married to her non-celebrity boyfriend whom she has been dating for two years. Besides that, there are lots of rumors claiming that Jang Na-ra has dated several male celebrities or idols, including Park Bo-gum. However, Jang Na-ra has never confirmed a dating rumor she is involved in. Well, now, let’s see the details about Jang Na-ra’s dating rumors, ex-boyfriend and find out if she is actually married or not. Let’s check it out!

Jang Na-ra Gets Married to 6 Years Younger Boyfriend

On June 3rd, 2022, Jang Na-ra released the sudden news that she is getting married at the end of June to her non-celebrity boyfriend who is 6 years younger than her. Although she has never revealed her relationship to the public before, Jang Na-ra stated that she and her boyfriend have been dating for 2 years. Jang Na-ra once also said that she plans to settle down once she is 37 years old and has kids before age 40. Let’s wish the best life for both Jang Na-ra and her future husband!

Jang Na-ra’s Thoughts on Marriage: She Envies Married Woman

Jang Na-ra revealed that she envy a married woman in an episode of Problematic Child in The House to promote her drama called Sell Your Haunted House. Jang Na-ra was asked about her thoughts on marriage, and she said that she is the type of person that cannot decide anything aside from work. Whenever Jang Na-ra wants to buy something, she takes time on deciding what should she buy. And one day in a grocery store, Jang Na-ra heard a woman who said, “I’ll discuss with my husband (to decide it).” That’s what makes her jealous of a married woman. Hopefully, Jang Na-ra can find a good partner in the future!

Jang Na-ra’s Dating Rumors and Past Dating Life

According to Jang Na-ra, she has had relationships in the past that ended in breakups. Jang Na-ra was also rumored to be in a relationship with several Korean actors. However, the rumors are just rumors, nothing is confirmed. Let’s check out the details about Jang Na-ra’s dating rumors!

Jang Na-ra and Park Bo-gum’s Dating and Married Rumors Turned Out To Be False

Jang Na-ra and Park Bo-gum have been a hot topic of discussion by their fans because they were reported to be dating and even be secretly married. However, these rumors were quickly addressed by Jang Na-ra, Park Bo-gum, and their two agencies. The rumors emerged after photos were circulated showing Jang Na-ra and Park Bo-gum at Cheongdam Wedding Street. Because of these rumors, Jang Na-ra got some negative comments from Park Bo-gum’s fans. Jang Na-ra immediately denied the rumors through her personal Instagram. “I didn’t say anything before because I didn’t think it was right to talk about something that doesn’t require an explanation, but I haven’t seen him or met up with him. I haven’t even met him on the street while walking past. I don’t know where Cheongdam Wedding Street is, and I spend most of my time at home or in my neighborhood. I think that the fact that I am still not married is completely my own private matter, regardless of my age. I have worked hard because I want to be a good actor when I’m on set and because I want to be a good junior and senior actor to my colleagues. However, I have become a senior actor that does harm because of something I don’t even know about. Don’t do that. Why do you do it? I am trying to live a healthy life while aging naturally. I’m doing well. I’ll delete this shortly.” Then, she deleted her post in May 2017. She also wrote, “I don’t understand why you have to speak harshly on my age and looks because of something that is impossible,” because so many of Park Bo-gum‘s fans cursed Jang Na-ra for dating their idol. Well, do you think they were really dating?

Story About Jang Na-ra and Her Ex-Boyfriend

In reality, Jang Na-ra has had relationships in the past which ended in breakups. She says that she broke up with her ex in a unique way with a lip lock instead of a farewell. On one of SBS’s variety shows, she said, “Instead of saying we are far from each other, my ex-boyfriend and I locked lips when we broke up. I regret it since it makes me think of him more often.” Jang Na-ra says that she once called her ex-boyfriend around 100 times since she liked him a lot. The rumor of her getting dumped is a ratio of 6:4 since she is not familiar with the opposite sex.

Jang Na-ra’s Fake Marriage Rumors With Kim Nam-gil

There was a rumor in 2019 that Kim Nam-gil and Jang Na-ra were getting married that November after seven years of dating. This rumor was immediately denied by Kim Nam-gil and Jang Na-ra. This was the second time Kim Nam-gil and Jang Na-ra were involved in dating rumors. They were rumored to be dating in 2013 after Kim Nam-gil sent a food truck as a form of support to Jang Na-ra’s set.

Jang Na-ra’s Dating Rumors With Peter Ho

In 2011, they released a song together called “Not Happy.” Because of that, they were rumored to be dating. Jang Na-ra was a little confused for a while in terms of her relationship with Peter Ho, saying conflicting things (one day, she was dating Peter Ho, and then she wasn’t the next day), but after a while, her story was pretty consistent. According to Na-ra, nothing is going on between them.

Jang Na-ra’s Dating Rumors With Choi Daniel

Jang Na-ra and Daniel Choi were rumored to have a romantic relationship after they starred in the same drama, Baby Faced Beauty. The drama is about an aspiring 34-year-old fashion designer who fakes her age to get a job at a fashion company. In this drama, Jang Na-ra played the character Jung In Jae, a substitute teacher who is struggling to live, while Choi Daniel played the role of a wealthy substitute teacher, Kang Se Chan. After reading the article about Jang-Na-ra, did you get all the information you wanted? Have you started getting interested in K-drama? Don’t worry! To fulfill your curiosity, Channel Korea is here to provide all the latest articles and news related to K-pop, K-drama, and the South Korean industry. Whatever you need is here. So, always look forward to the latest news from Channel Korea so you don’t miss anything!

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