Kim Go-eun had dating news in August 2016 with Shin Ha-kyun, but broke up with him in 2017. After that, there is no confirmed news about her dating anyone. Only some dating rumors that probably aren’t true were going around on the internet. She is rumored to date Gong Yoo and Jung Hae-in. In this article, let’s check out more details about Kim Go-eun’s boyfriend and love life. Stay tuned!

Kim Go-eun Is Single: She Doesn’t Reveal Her Boyfriend

Kim Go-eun is apparently single because she doesn’t reveal her boyfriend to the public. Usually, Korean actors and actress will confirm their dating news through their agencies, but Kim Go-eun’s agency didn’t announce any good news from the artist. However, it doesn’t always mean that she is actually single. Kim Go-eun might or might not date someone right now. She just doesn’t want to share this private matter with the public. But, Kim Go-eun has several names that are linked to her regarding dating rumors. Kim Go-eun also had been in a relationship with Shin Ha-kyun, a senior actor in 2016 until 2017.

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Let’s check out the details below!

Kim Go-eun’s Ex-Boyfriend: Shin Ha-kyun

Kim Go-eun dated a senior actor Shin Ha-kyun and confirmed it publicly in August 2016. However, the relationship wasn’t last long because in March 2017 Kim Go-eun and Shin Ha-kyun announced their breakup. On August 23, 2016, HODU&U Entertainment released an official statement about the relationship between actress Kim Go-eun and actor Shin Ha-kyun, a veteran actor who is seventeen years her senior. Both are from the same agency and developed a close relationship as colleagues. Both also joined a scuba diving club and became close to each other, and this eventually grew into something more. But, sadly, Kim Go-eun announced they broke up after 8 months on March 22, 2017. Rumor has it that the reason for the breakup was because of the closeness between Kim Go-eun and actor Gong Yoo, her co-star in Goblin. Previously, a rumor arose while they were filming the drama, but it died down since Go-eun and Sin Ha-kyun were still together at the time. Following the breakup, the rumor was brought up once again and the public speculated that the reason for Kim Go-eun and Shin Ha-kyun’s breakup was true because of Gong Yoo.

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However, the rumors are not confirmed yet and there is no evidence about their affairs. Let’s just wish that Kim Go-eun and Shin Ha-kyun find their new loves after the breakup.

Kim Go-eun’s Dating Rumors

Being a great actress with a lot of handsome actors around her, Kim Go-eun is rumored to date some of her partners in a drama. Some of the strong rumors are the dating rumors between Kim Go-eun and Gong Yoo, and the dating rumors between Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae-in. Which one is true? Check out the following session to find out!

Kim Go-eun And Gong Yoo’s Dating Rumors: Only Friends?

Kim Go-eun and Gong Yoo are involved in a dating rumor after starring in a drama called Goblin in 2016. However, up to this day, there is no confirmation about them being together. In fact, Kim Go-eun and Gong Yoo are still friends even though it has been years since they shot the drama Goblin.

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Even so, the dating rumors between Kim Go-eun and Gong Yoo were roaring because Kim Go-eun broke up with her boyfriend at that time, Shin Ha-kyun, after Goblin is airing. A source from HODU&U Entertainment clarified the rumors and said, “The suspicions about her relationship with Gong Yoo is not true. They just worked together in a drama. Her breakup with Shin Ha-kyun was pure because of their schedules and not because of someone else.” The president of Gong Yoo’s agency, Soop Entertainment, also addressed the rumors through his personal Instagram and stated, “Creating rumors about things that are not true and things that did not happen like this, who is scribbling so preposterously. There is no truth, but there are rumors. And a lot of them.”

Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae-in’s Dating Rumors: Partners with Amazing Chemistry

Kim Go-eun is rumored to date Jung Hae-in, a fellow cast member from Goblin, and a series called Tune in For Love that you can watch on Netflix. Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae-in showed great chemistry whenever they shot a lovey-dovey scene, no wonder people want them to be together. Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae-in both admitted that they are happy to see each other again as a drama partner in Tune in For Love. Does that mean they have feelings for each other? Well, as of now, there is no confirmation about Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae-in dating rumors. Let’s just support both of them no matter what their relationship is! That’s all the information about Kim Go-eun’s love life starting from  the dating rumors, boyfriend, and ex-boyfriend. If you like this article, don’t forget to share this to your mutuals on social media so everyone will know about Kim Go-eun’s love life. Also, you can check out other articles about your favorite Korean celebrities from Channel Korea. Cheers!

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