Wonho Is Likely Single Now

Currently, former Monsta X member, Wonho, is likely single. However, the K-Pop singer has an ex-girlfriend, and he was also involved in other dating rumors with some women. On the other hand, Wonho once revealed his ideal type as well. For further details, you can check out the next paragraph!

Wonho’s Ex-Girlfriend: Jung Da-eun

It was revealed that Wonho used to be in a relationship with a woman named Jung Da-eun (it was well-known that Jung Da-eun was a transsexual). It is also reported that Jung Da-eun was a former ulzzang and both of them were dating before Wonho’s debut as a Monsta X member, and now they have broken up. However, there was also a rumor that their relationship wasn’t end very good since Jung Da-eun accused Wonho of not paying her money back a considerable amount, although she also said that Wonho had paid her back half of the money. Furthermore, Wonho’s former agency STARSHIP Entertainment at that time, denied the accusation. “What Jung Da-eun had said about Wonho wasn’t true. We also considering taking legal action against it,” told the agency. The reason behind their breakup has also remained unclear since the relationship started a long time ago.

Wonho’s Ideal Type is Someone Who Can Cook Ramyeon

Despite his past relationship, Wonho once explained his interesting ideal type. According to his statement, Wonho likes someone who can cook ramyeon well! For other preferences, Wonho also likes someone with a cute and sexy personality and someone with long hair.

Wonho’s List of Dating Rumors

Aside from Wonho’s ex-relationship with a former ulzzang, Wonho was also involved in other dating rumors. However, it was quite different since he was accused of dating women who weren’t K-Pop idols. Can you guess who they were? Check out the details here:

Wonho Reportedly Dating Ulzzang, Seo Ji-hye

Not only Jung Da-eun, but Wonho was reportedly dating an ulzzang named Seo Ji-hye. It was also reported that the two dated during Wonho’s pre-debut era. However, it remained unclear whether the two of them were dating or not. Seo Ji-hye reportedly works as a model now, and she was born in Busan, South Korea. And is well-known to be a year younger than Wonho since Seo Ji-hye was born in 1992.

Wonho’s Thoughts on Marriage and Ideal Dating Situation

Wonho indeed has experienced dating in his life and involved in dating rumors, but it seems like the singer hasn’t been interested in marriage for now. He once said, “I’m not interested in marriage, but my younger brother apparently will marry someone [and carry the family name], so there’s no problem in my family.” But still, he once explained his ideal type, and he supposedly knows what ideal dating situation he’d like. Although Wonho never clearly mentions that matter, since his ideal type is someone who can cook ramyeon well, home dating would be perfect for his preference! He and his spouse one day probably can enjoy the moment together while cooking ramyeon, while watching their favorite TV shows as well. That’s everything about Wonho’s ex-girlfriend and the list of dating rumors! Ever since his breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Wonho is likely to remain single although he has been linked to other women through some dating rumors. But still, let’s always support his decision in relationship things! What do you think about Wonho’s love life? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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