This article contains detailed information about NMIXX’s visual and the members’ rank from highest to low. As K-Pop idols, there’s a Korean beauty standard that can be a benchmark for whether these idols have caught people’s attention with the standards in South Korea or not. Let’s find out more about it!

NMIXX’s Visual Rank Based On Korean Beauty Standard

As a rookie in the entertainment industry, NMIXX managed to steal a lot of attention because they have a different genre and concept from K-Pop and gave a strong impression with their debut. So, is there one of your favorite members on the list above? Without waiting any longer, let’s learn more details about NMIXX’s visual based on Korean beauty standards in this session below!

1st Rank: NMIXX’s Sullyoon’s Visual

In the 1st rank, NMIXX’s Sullyoon gets the highest position regarding visuals. Many people talk about her visual because she looks perfect as a K-Pop female idol. NMIXX’s Sullyoon has a slim body, v-shaped jaw, thin nose, high nose bridge, big eyes, straight eyebrows, and double eyelids until weight under 50kg. She has a lot of strength in her visual that fits in Korean beauty standard.

2nd Rank: NMIXX’s Lily’s Visual

In the 2nd rank, NMIXX’s Lily received the position of the member who fits the Korean beauty standard. She has a slim body, v-shaped jaw, weight under 50kg, double eyelids, and big eyes until small face. She is also one of the members who have many advantages when it comes to visuals and appearance. NMIXX’s Lily also has weaknesses because she doesn’t have a high nose bridge, aegyo-sal, and a small face. However, her shortcomings do not cover her talent as a singer.

3rd Rank: NMIXX’s BAE’s Visual

In the 3rd rank, NMIXX’s BAE received the latest position in the Top 3. she has fair skin, a high nose bridge, plump lips, a slim body, straight eyebrows, and a small face. The most important thing about the Korean beauty standard is that she has double eyelids, aegyo-sal, and big eyes. On the other hand, it also has another weakness, which is a thin nose

4th Rank: NMIXX’s Kyujin’s Visual

In the 4th rank, NMIXX’s Kyujin also has fair skin, plump lips, high nose bridge until the most critical features, such as big eyes, double eyelids, aegyo-sal, and weight under 50kg. She also has a small face and v-shaped jaw, which makes her face look even more beautiful. NMIXX’s Kyujin also has a weakness, which is her thin nose.

5th Rank: NMIXX’s Haewon’s Visual

In the 5th rank, NMIXX’s Hyewon has fair skin, which can be said to be one of the strengths of the Korean beauty standard that fits her. She also has aegyo-sal, big eyes, double eyelids, straight eyebrows, and plump lips. For her weakness, NMIXX’s Hyewon doesn’t have a small face, and her jaw isn’t shaped V or taper because she is more considered to have a rounder side. But after all, NMIXX’s Hyewon has cute visuals with her looks and appearance.

6th Rank: NMIXX’s Jiwoo’s Visual

In the 5th rank, NMIXX’s Jiwoo also has good visuals like the other members, which have fair skin, double eyelids, aegyo-sal, big eyes, a v-shaped jaw, and a high nose bridge, and a small face. So far, he’s become the maknae that gets enough attention because of her look. For her weakness, most people might say that she’s not having a slim body because people keep commenting on her weight. NMIXX’s Jiwoo’s weight is under 50kg. Besides that, she also has a thin nose, and her height is above 165cm.

7th Rank: NMIXX’s Jinni’s Visual

In the last rank, NMIXX’s Jinni got 7th rank. she has several strengths in her visual, such as aegyo-sal, big eyes, straight eyebrows, high nose bridge, fair skin, and slim body until weight under 50kg. She’s pretty from her looks and has the best features that fit Korean beauty standards. Her weakness is her thin nose, v-shaped jaw, and small face. That was all for the information you should know about NMIXX’s visuals and ranking. Let’s keep supporting them and not comparing their visuals or appearance because they’re all talented members. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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