Song Seung-heon’s Personal Life

Song Seung-heon made his acting debut in 1996 when he appeared in the sitcom Three Guys and Three Girls. Actually, he started his career as a model for the brand STORM  which is known as a jeans brand. His popularity increased after his role as Yoon Joon-seo in the K-Drama Autumn In My Heart that was released in 2000. The romantic drama gained a lot of attention which lead Song Seung-heon to also be recognized as a Hallyu Star afterward. Later on, Song Seung-heon appeared in various genres of dramas, movies, and many more. His acting was also praised by people since he successfully played the role of a romantic guy, masculine roles, tough guy, and other roles. His popularity somehow led people to want to know more about his personal life, especially about his relationship status.

Who Is Song Seung-heon’s Wife?

So, who is actually Song Seung-heon’s wife? As for now, he hasn’t married yet which means Song Seung-heon doesn’t have a wife. But, he used to have a relationship with his past girlfriend, and he was also involved in other dating rumors with his co-stars from some movie projects. Let’s find out more about that!

Romantic Relationship with Chinese Actress Liu Yifei

Song Seung-heon used to be involved in a 3-year-long relationship with Chinese actress Liu Yifei, which made them receive a bunch of love and support for their relationship. Both of them were united in the Chinese-Korean movie titled The Third Way of Love, which took the filming process in 2014. In the movie, Song Seung-heon and Liu Yifei played the role of a couple who had a romantic relationship. It was reported that the two of them became really close during the filming process, even after the filming was over, Song Seung-heon and Liu Yifei still hung out together sometimes. And finally, it was confirmed that their romantic relationship is real and started in 2015. Both Song Seung-heon and Liu Yifei’s agency also confirmed the news. The couple show-off their chemistry in public which made the fans also happy for them! Moreover, it was reported that the two of them already planned their wedding since Song Seung-heon also went to Liu Yifei’s hometown and met her parents. Even though the agency denied these rumors, people believed that the couple would be married really soon. Moreover, Song Seung-heon revealed that Liu Yifei was ‘wife material’.

Breakup with Liu Yifei and Other Dating Rumors

The happy and harmonious relationship of Song Seung-heon and Liu Yifei was sadly over after three years. It was reported that busy schedules are the main reason why the couple decided to break up. The breakup news was also confirmed by Song Seung-heon’s agency in January 2018. Turns out, the breakup rumors started spreading in 2017, before they were finally confirmed in 2018. After his breakup with Liu Yifei, Song Seung-heon wasn’t involved in any relationship but he was involved in dating rumors. After his appearance in the K-Drama Dinner Mate, he was reportedly dating co-star Seo Ji-hye.

Sweet Chemistry with Seo Ji-hye in Dinner Mate

In 2020, Song Seung-heon appeared in Dinner Mate playing the main character opposite actress Seo Ji-hye. Song Seung-heon played the role of Kim Hae-kyung, a psychiatrist left by his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Seo Ji-hye played the role of Woo Do-hee, a TV producer who was also left by her first love. The two of them accidentally met when Kim Hae-kyung tried to help Woo Do-hee. Later on, they decide to be a ‘dinner mate’ for each other, and somehow the love feelings start developing between them. They managed to exude such great chemistry in Dinner Mate, which made the fans also hope that their off-screen relationship would be getting real! Moreover, Song Seung-heon was caught praising Seo Ji-hye’s beauty and talent, even revealed that Seo Ji-hye has such beautiful eyes during one of their interviews together. Meanwhile, Seo Ji-hye expressed her happiness while making an acting appearance with Song Seung-heon since she thought that he was very calm but somehow playful. However, despite all of the dating rumors and nice chemistry during the drama, Song Seung-heon and Seo Ye-jin weren’t dating at all. But still, the two of them are good friends and colleagues for each other.

Song Seung-heon’s Thoughts About Marriage

Song Seung-heon revealed his thoughts about marriage. After the rumors of a wedding plan with ex-girlfriend Liu Yifei in 2015, Song Seung-heon hasn’t married yet as for now. However, he once expressed his desire to get married one day. When he appeared as a guest in the Life Bar show in 2018, Song Seung-heon revealed that he wanted to get married, but there was a bunch of consideration that he thought about marriage. About his wedding dream, he explained that his wedding in the future must be something ‘sacred’. He also said that the wedding would be attended by close friends, families, and relatives only to remain sacred and private. That was all the information regarding Song Seung-heon’s love life and details about his wife! Even though he hasn’t married yet, we do hope for all the best things for both his career and his relationship in the future. Well, what do you guys think about him? He is such a ‘husband material’ in real life, isn’t he? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!

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