It also happened to the girl group STAYC which draws attention due to the members’ visuals, even before its official debut. Many fans are also wondering, who is the ultimate visual in STAYC? Let’s get to know more about STAYC’s member’s visual ranking through this article written by Channel Korea!

STAYC Hasn’t Revealed The Group’s Official Visual Yet

Ever since STAYC‘s debut in November 2020, many people have been captivated by the members’ beauty since they’re all very beautiful equally. Commonly, each K-Pop groups have 1 or 2 members as the ‘Visual’ or ‘Face of The Group’. However, STAYC is quite different because there is no official member who is pointed as the visual for now. Even people started to realize, “I wish that STAYC had an official visual member,” a netizen commented. “Maybe it’s because they have unstable yet different hair and makeup styles,” other people claimed. “It’s time to assign an official visual,” another one also commented.

STAYC’s Visual Rank Based on Korean Beauty Standard

There is a lot of ‘strict list’ in Korean Beauty Standard such as slim or hourglass body shape, the small size of head or face, V shape, double eyelids, thin nose, fair or light skin, heart shape lips, and many more. Based on the Korean Beauty Standard, Isa approximately has the 80% of the Korean Beauty Standard. Followed by Yoon and Sumin with 70% as well, then Sieun, Seeun, and J with 60%. However, it doesn’t matter how many Korean Beauty Standard the members have since all of them are beautiful in their way!

STAYC’s Sumin’s Visual

The group’s leader, Sumin is one of the K-Pop idols who have some of the strict lists from the Korean Beauty Standard. She has double eyelids, a small body appearance, V-shape face feature, and even Sumin have beautiful heart shape lips. In some of her photoshoots, Sumin also radiates the lovely and magnificent charms in various styles. Her visual is something that women can easily get jealous of, right?

STAYC’s Sieun’s Visual

Sieun somehow radiates the pure and innocent visual which makes her quite different from the other members who have strong and adorable visuals. According to the Korean Beauty Standard, Sieun almost has the lists such as fair skin tone, double eyelids, thin nose, and even small size. However, Sieun has a diamond face shape so there is no V-shape on her facial features. But still, her visual is on top of the world!

STAYC’s Isa’s Visual

During STAYC’s first showcase, many people were surprised and spoiled by STAYC’s Isa‘s amazing visual. She got praised for her natural charms and perfect body shape according to the Korean Beauty Standard. Yes, she has a light skin tone, small size head, double eyelids, and the heart shape lips just like STAYC’s Sumin. Moreover, Isa also has an hourglass body shape which makes her becomes the center of attention!

STAYC’s Seeun’s Visual

Before STAYC made the group’s official debut, Seeun has been one of the most anticipated members since people were very captivated by her beauty through her concept photo. People even considered her as a member who has the aesthetic of traditional Korean beauty. With her luminous skin, gorgeous body shape, and beautiful smile, Seeun’s visual always gets everyone’s attention. Aside from her natural beauty, Seeun is in charge as the aegyo in the group as well.

STAYC’s Yoon’s Visual

Have you seen a living Barbie doll in real life? If you have not, then you need to see STAYC’s Yoon‘s visual! Many people have claimed that Yoon looks like a Japanese doll as well with her perfect eyes and the ‘cold’ aura. Moreover, she appeared with her silky hair and bangs quite often which makes her visual very similar to a doll. People who have seen her in real life during the live showcase admitted that Yoon’s visual is beyond expectation.

STAYC’s J’s Visual

The first time people saw STAYC’s J‘s through the group’s photo concept, they thought that J’s beauty resemble the famous actress Jeon So-min and Girls’ Generation’s Yoona. Aside from that, they also claimed that there were Western beauty vibes in STAYC’s J. Since she is a maknae of STAYC, J has the kind of adorable beauty with her puppy-like charms and her cute aura! Well, who is your favorite visual from STAYC? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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