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Supreme Boi’s Full Profile

Real Name: Shin Dong-hyuk Stage Name: Supreme Boi Birthday: April 15th, 1994 Height: 178 cm Weight: 66 kg Twitter: @supremeboi94 Facebook: Dong Hyuck Shin Instagram: donghyuck Zodiac Sign: Aries Occupation: Rapper, Producer Nationality: Korean

Facts About Supreme Boi

He and Jung Hun-chul were trainees in Big Hit Entertainment Supreme Boi hasn’t shared any information about his parents’ names He’s one of the richest rappers born in South Korea He’s a famous celebrity with the age 25 years old Supreme Boi also has a spot on the list of “Most Popular Rappers” Beside being one of the most popular rappers, he has ranked on the list of those famous people who were born on April 15th, 1994 Supreme Boi is an underground rapper and producer who became a member of the Korean hip-hop crew Daenamhyup He has a net worth between $1 Million and $5 Million, and he earned it all as a rapper

Supreme Boi Almost Debuted as a BTS Member

As all we know, BTS currently consists of seven members, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and the maknae, Jungkook. But, before the current line-up, it turns out that there was originally a different line-up for the group, and Supreme Boi was part of that original line-up. RM, who used to be called Rap Monster, was already part of Big Hit Entertainment in 2010, as a rapper. He also had a duo hip-hop group that was going to debut as BTS. Suddenly, Big Hit changed their mind about debuting the duo and instead re-opened the audition to add more members to the group. Then, in the middle of 2010, i11ven, Jung Ho-seok (J-hope), Min Yoongi (Suga), and Supreme Boi were added to the BTS line-up. At first, J-Hope only passed the audition as a dancer, but then Big Hit decided that he would be a rapper, because the plan was that BTS would be debuted as a hip-hop group consisting of rappers. After J-hope, Supreme Boi, i11ven, Iron, and Rap Monster (RM) passed the audition and became part of the BTS line-up. Then, in 2011, BTS lost two members again, Supreme Boi and Irvvon. Supreme Boi left the group because he didn’t feel he was a good fit for becoming a member of an idol group.

Supreme Boi Becoming BTS’s Producer

As already mentioned, Supreme Boi had been a Big Hit Entertainment trainee and had wanted to debut with BTS. But, in the middle of his journey, he chose to leave the group before it debuted, and without giving a clear explanation other than he felt unsuitable to be part of an idol group. Even after opting out of being a BTS member, he remained part of Big Hit and a part of BTS. Instead of being one of the agency’s artists, he was made a producer for the group that he almost debuted in. His new role was made clear when he appeared in photos of BTS’s production team. Apart from the photos, Supreme Boi has also created many songs on every album they’ve released. He produced BTS’s first album, Intro: 2 Cool 4 Skool.

Supreme Boi’s Collaboration with BTS in Cypher 3

“Cypher” is our way to do ‘freestyle’, and the rapper line shows their freestyle in the lyrics of Cypher songs. BTS has a series of Cypher in every album. After releasing “Cypher” parts 1 and 2, BTS got their producer, Supreme Boi, to participate in the songs sung by BTS’s rap-line for “Cypher Pt.3: KILLER.” “Cypher Pt.3: KILLER” is one of the songs from BTS’s album Dark & Wild. In this album, Supreme Boi did a collaboration with the group’s rap line and as well as writing the lyrics with the rap-line, RM (Rap Monster), Suga, and J-hope, he also produced it. He sang in the chorus part, and the fragment of the lyrics that he sang he represented from Namjoon, Suga, and J-hope parts: “Don’t you ever care about what haters say about them, because if you’re affected the haters will be happy so it’s better to keep moving forward and work with proud achievements in order to slap haters.”

Supreme Boi on DaeNamHyup

DaeNamHyup, or DNH, is a hip-hop crew with 10 talented people, and all the members have produced their songs. The crew consists of Marvel J (Leader), i11evn, RM/Rap Monster (RM) (BTS), Kidoh, Kyum2, Illipse, Samsoon, Iron, Dj Snatch, and Supreme Boi. They were formed in 2009, but this group is no longer in full formation, since Kidoh and Rap Monster (BTS’s RM) are busy and have joined other groups. Supreme Boi joined the rapper group, and has many songs. One of them is below!

Supreme Boi on Rockbottom

After leaving DaeNamHyup, Supreme Boi joined a hip-hop crew called Rockbottom. The group has a lot of the previous members of DNH, including Kidoh, i11evn, and the member pre-debut is Iron. Rockbottom held concerts in Europe in 2018, and enthusiastic fans were very warm. But, this rap crew is full of controversy. They have been labeled as a group that isn’t polite and supported rape culture, drinking, drugs, and other negative things.

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