But, do you know that there is a 8th BTS’ member out there? A guy named Kim Ji-hun went viral after his confession as a trainee member of BTS or the 8th member of BTS. Kim Ji-hun was going to be a member of BTS if he could pass the final cut. But, there are also some ARMY who believe that BTS is only consisting 7 members and no one else. If there’s an 8th member of BTS, then it’s Yeontan the dog of V. Check out the complete story about the 8th BTS member in this Channel-Korea article below. Stay tuned!

The 8th BTS Member: Kim Ji-hun’s Profile

Kim Ji-hun went viral after a video interview with VICE. He said that he was training alongside artists that are now known as BTS members. Check out his profile here! Name: Kim Ji-hun Age: 28 years old Korean age: 29 years old Born: 1994 Hometown: Wonju City, South Korea Trainee years: 2011 – 2012 Occupation: YouTuber and Intern at the Government Office YouTube Channel: 빛훈 Bitoon

Kim Ji-hun Scouted by Big Hit Entertainment But Failed to Debut as a BTS Member

Before get kicked out of the line up of BTS members, Kim Ji-hun was scouted by Big Hit entertainment company staff to join the audition when he was 18 years old. In 2011, Kim Ji-hun passed the audition and started his journey as a trainee. He trained his dancing, singing, and other skills for around a year with now BTS members and other trainees. One day, Kim Ji-hun was called to come to the office. And he was told that he couldn’t make it into the final cut to debut. He was so depressed and his mother also fainted after hearing the news. However, Kim Ji-hun managed to graduate from school and reunited with a BTS member who came to the graduation ceremony. They took photos together, and he felt happy to get to meet them again after a long time. After all, Kim Ji-hun agreed that him and other trainees may not have been as passionate as BTS members. If they had made it in the group, BTS might not be as huge as they are now.

Voted by ARMY, BTS’s 8th Member is Yeongtan Dog

Since 2017, there’s a member voted by fans as the eighth member of BaTS, which is Yeontan. Yeontan is V’s dog that appeared on BTS’s Vlive on December 4th, 2017, when Jin was having his birthday. V brought Yeontan along so fans can see it as well. That made some fans agree that Yeontan is the 8th member of BTS. Yeontan keeps appearing regularly in many BTS events or shows such as the 2017 Wings Tour, BTS’s documentary: Burn The Stage: The Movie, and they even brought Yeontan to the airport. Some of the fans commented, “Yeontannie was part of the photoshoot, Yeontan is the 8th member of BTS confirmed.” “King Yeontan is the 8th member, I’m crying.” Fans agree that Yeontan is adorable and suited as the 8th member of BTS. What do you think? That’s all about BTS’s eight-member. What do you like the most about Kim Ji-hun and Yeontan? Kindly write your comment in the section below and share it too on Twitter! Let’s support and send positive messages to all of them in their career!

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