We know for sure that since their debut, BTS members have improved their dancing skills a lot. However, they all don’t have the same dancing skills. So, here’s the ranking of the members based on their dancing skills.   From this ranking, you can see that among the dance line members, J-Hope is the best dancer and V is the worst. However, if we compare the non-dance line members, Suga is the best dancer and Jin is the worst.

J-Hope’s Dancing Skills Analysis

Since BTS officially debuted, J-Hope is widely known as the “ace of dancing”. All ARMYs agree that J-Hope is such an excellent dancer. Many ARMYs and idols praised him for his dedication to dancing. J-Hope mostly masters street dance and hip-hop dance, and that’s why he has very good and strong yet flexible dance moves. Not only that, but he also has very good facial expressions when dancing.

J-Hope is also known as an effortless dancer. Many people have noticed that when he dances, J-Hope doesn’t seem to have a problem executing that intense footwork and choreographies. ARMYs also realized that J-Hope can do more choreographies than Jimin. These are the reasons why J-Hope is considered one of the top dancers in the K-pop industry. J-Hope also has a natural talent for freestyle and choreographies. His talents, coupled with his hard work and experiences have made him the great dancer he is today. However, many people notice that J-Hope’s dance is a little less versatile than Jimin’s.

Jimin’s Dancing Skills Analysis

People often argue about whether J-Hope and Jimin deserved first place in the dance ranking. Many people believe that Jimin deserves to be in the first place over J-Hope, and vice versa. Actually, both are very good dancers, but they specialize in different types of dance. As previously written, J-Hope’s style is more hip-hop. On the other hand, Jimin is better at contemporary and modern dance than hip-hop.

Even though Jimin’s ranking is lower than J-Hope’s, he’s the most versatile dancer in the K-pop industry. J-Hope and Jimin both attend dance academies and had practiced dancing before joining Big Hit Entertainment. Jimin’s versatility is one of his greatest strengths. He can do both hard and soft dance styles. Apart from that, his flow, agility, and emotion when dancing is also very smooth. There’s no sloppiness in his dance moves, even when he does some freestyle dances. His weakness in dancing can only be seen in his habit, where he often touches his hair while dancing.

Jungkook’s Dancing Skills Analysis

The Golden Maknae is also known as one of the top dancers, the same as J-Hope and Jimin. When he was 14 years old, Jungkook went to Los Angeles, California, USA, to practice his dancing. Since then, Jungkook’s dancing skills have improved significantly. Jungkook’s dancing skills are also quite versatile, but not as versatile as Jimin’s. His dancing skills are mostly improved due to his hard work.

Jungkook’s strengths lie in his agility, balance, isolation, consistency, flexibility, and stamina. Jungkook also does have good muscle control, placements, and balance, but not as good as J-Hope.

V’s Dancing Skills Analysis

V is considered a new member of the BTS dance line. Many people believe that V and Jungkook have the same dance level, but V is more flexible and has a better stage presence than Jungkook. V excels at break dancing and possesses high agility, versatility, balance, and charisma. However, V usually hunches his shoulders while dancing, especially when he executes some of the harder dances. ARMYs also notice that V’s facial expressions are also inconsistent.

Suga’s Dancing Skills Analysis

Among the non-dance line members, Suga is the best dancer. Suga’s dance moves were mainly affected by his past accident. When he was still a trainee in 2012, Suga worked as a deliveryman and at that time, a car hit him once. Since then, Suga has always been trying to endure the pain, and the pain greatly affected his dancing ability. Suga has also confirmed that he has had plastic surgery on his shoulder to reduce the pain.

Suga’s dancing level is at the average level. Many people say that Suga has good dancing skills because his moves are so energetic.

RM’s Dancing Skills Analysis

RM has shown his ability by writing lyrics for BTS songs and rap. However, if we talk about dancing ability, the leader doesn’t have that ability at all. Indeed, RM’s dancing skills have improved tremendously since his official debut, but his dancing skills are far below the standard.

Different from Suga, RM actually has pretty good expressions. However, RM has the least good dance technique. He also lacks a natural sense of coordination. He also doesn’t have a flexible body, due to his tall posture and long limbs, making him a bit difficult to move. Long arms and legs usually create a false illusion of improper technique when dancing.

Jin’s Dancing Skill Analysis

Jin is the worst dancer in BTS. He’s naturally not a dancer, and he has no dancing background, unlike J-Hope and Jimin. For someone with no dancing background, Jin’s body is flexible enough. Actually, throughout BTS members’ career journey since their debut, Jin is the member whose dancing skills have improved the most. However, his current dancing ability is still below the standard.

His movements tend to be inconsistent. Same with RM, because of his long stature, he’s more difficult to move, and usually makes he tends to tense up when moving. So, that’s all you need to know about BTS’ dancing skills. Although many of the members have no dancing background at all, they have practiced very hard to reach their current dancing level. Of course, their current dancing level wouldn’t be reached if they didn’t work hard. That’s why, in order to achieve greater success, we need to work hard at everything we do, right?

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