From this table, we can see that among the dance line members, Momo is the best, and Tzuyu is the worst. Sana, one of the non-dance line members, ranks higher than the two dance line members, Nayeon and Tzuyu. She’s the best dancer among the non-dance line members, and the worst dancer among the non-dance line is Dahyun.

Momo’s Dancing Skill Analysis

Since her Sixteen era, Momo has been gaining attention because of her excellent dancing technique and experience. She possesses phenomenal body control, isolations, fluidity, and energy power, allowing her to produce smooth and unobtrusive movements. Even though she has long limbs, she can execute every move beautifully. Because of this, Momo is often referred to as Twice’s dancing machine.

Her biggest weakness in dancing lies only in her versatility. In some of her most complex freestyle moves, she can’t make the moves correctly and her movements seem messy and choppy.

Mina’s Dancing Skill Analysis

This Texas-born lead dancer has the best dancing technique in Twice. She can move her body well, and she has never underbanked or over danced her moves. She also has rich dance texture and superb versatility, body isolations, angles, and fluidity. However, in certain types of moves, she has very small energy, and it makes her look a little lazy. Overall, Mina is one of the greatest dancers in the industry, along with Momo, mainly because of her dancing background and hard work.

Sana’s Dancing Skill Analysis

To this day, Sana isn’t considered a member of the dance line. Despite this fact, she has shown the biggest improvement in dancing technique. She already has extraordinary body control and isolations, and her versatility is much higher than her other non-dance line members. The Osakan also has decent dynamics and sharpness, but she often has trouble with her move details and arm angles.

Nayeon’s Dancing Skill Analysis

Im Na-yeon has pretty good dance technique, and she knows exactly where to put her energy and focus when she executes dance moves. The newly-debuted soloist can do popping well enough. However, in some choreography, especially in More & More’s one, she can’t do the popping moves properly.

Dancers believe that Nayeon has more fluidity at her upper body. Her lower body has pretty bad isolations and move details. Nonetheless, Nayeon has the best stage charisma when it comes to dance, especially when she’s at the center position.

Tzuyu’s Dancing Skill Analysis

Among all the dance line members, Tzuyu is known as the slowest member to develop. The tallest member already has superb body lock and fluidity, and pretty good dynamics. However, she still has problems with her angles, energy, and moves sharpness. Her body is already quite fluid, but sometimes her hips and torso become stiffer in some of the choreography. This is probably due to her tall posture and long limbs, making her more difficult to move.

Chaeyoung’s Dancing Skill Analysis

As someone without dancing background, Son Chae-young already has sufficient dancing skill. She sometimes can’t balance her body, but this weakness is covered up with her good agility. Chaeyoung has poor dancing technique, but she’s able to dance in her own style, making her able to display unique body moves.

Jihyo’s Dancing Skill Analysis

Since her official debut, Park Ji-hyo is known as an energy-based dancer. It means that the leader of Twice always executes dance moves powerfully, and often makes her overdance in some moves. She also tends to have less movement details, because she often loses focus when dancing. Apart from that, she has good balance, fluidity, and body control.

Jeongyeon’s Dancing Skill Analysis

The second-oldest member has very weak dancing technique. She doesn’t have good moving angles and sometimes she tends to underdance in weaker part or even overdance in stronger parts of the song. Jeongyeon also has very stiff hips, making her difficult to move easily. However, some dancers said that Jeongyeon has good sense of rhythm, enabling her to be more flowy.

Dahyun’s Dancing Skill Analysis

Many people believe that the little Dubu is better than Jeongyeon at dancing, especially because she has pretty nice isolation and body locks. However, she lacks of body control and power, and sometimes her body tends to move stiffly. Dahyun also has very bad angles and sense of rhythm and it sometimes makes her movements messy.

So, that’s all you need to know about Twice’s members’ dance ranking and analysis. What do you think about the ranking? Do you feel that some members are ranked higher or lower than they should be?

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