Having been working very hard ever since day 1, Hongjoong has proven his skills and his great leadership ability as ATEEZ’s leader. Even many other K-Pop idols have pointed to him as their role model, which is strong proof that Hongjoong is truly the best leader of ATEEZ. Are you curious how Hongjoong became the group’s leader? In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with an explanation, so keep on reading until the last paragraph!

Hongjoong Is The Reliable Leader of ATEEZ

Consisting of 8 members, ATEEZ are well-known as a solid group, thanks to the members’ hard work and their reliable leader Kim Hong-joong, also known as Hongjoong. Before he debuted with ATEEZ, Hongjoong was a contestant of the survival show MIXNINE in 2017, but he didn’t make it to the finals and was eliminated in episode 10. In 2018, Hongjoong became the first trainee of KQ Entertainment and practiced alone for around 6 months, before he got to meet the other trainees. After several years of being a trainee, Hongjoong successfully debuted as an ATEEZ member, he is even trustworthy to be the reliable leader of the group.

Hongjoong Is Also The First and Longest-Running Trainee of KQ Entertainment

Hongjoong was the first trainee of KQ Entertainment, he even spent a lot of time alone while undergoing his trainee days at first. Hongjoong was the first one to apply at the label, even though he needed a year to wait for the label to send feedback. During that time, Hongjoong didn’t apply at other labels and stayed loyal to the company. His loyalty was worth the wait since he eventually got accepted and started his trainee days at that time. Since Hongjoong was the longest-running member of KQ Entertainment, he also had the longest time to practice a lot to improve his skills. Whether it was dancing, singing, producing music, or other things related to music, he has proven that his desire and passion for the music industry were very strong. Due to his loyalty and his hard-working personality, KQ Entertainment must have been very impressed with Hongjoong and decided to put him as the group’s leader. Not only he is responsible and reliable as a leader, but Hongjoong is also well-known for his amazing skills in composing, producing, singing, and rapping. No wonder he is in charge of ATEEZ’s leader, main rapper, and producer position as well!

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Always Takes Care of ATEEZ Members As a Leader

Despite the many talents that Hongjoong has, he hasn’t forgotten how to take care of the other ATEEZ members. As reliable as he is, Hongjoong was caught up taking care and looking after the other members on many occasions. According to ATEEZ members, Hongjoong is always making sure to check the members before going to bed, even he always wakes up early and helps them get ready in the morning when they have many work schedules.

Hongjoong is also putting the members first and making sure that everything goes well. Like how he sacrificed a personalized red mic because ATEEZ’s Mingi wanted it. He helps other members with their music although he is very busy as well, he encourages the members before their performances, and many other precious moments that he has shared with them together.

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Has Become a Role Model for Many Hoobae in the Industry

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong’s best influence has spread all over the world including his junior or hoobae in the music industry. Many of them pay attention to Hongjoong and respect him a lot or point him as their role model. Other rookie K-Pop idols like AWEEK’s Jinghyu and Logan, E’LAST’s Wonhyuk, even also N.CUS’s Seungyeon, all of them have mentioned that ATEEZ’s Hongjoong has inspired them and they selected him as their role model in the music industry. That’s everything about how Hongjoong became the leader of ATEEZ and some proof that he is indeed the truly amazing leader for them. After everything that he has been through, Hongjoong is very reliable and caring for the members. We hope to always see him being happy with the group! Well, don’t you also think that Hongjoong is the perfect leader for ATEEZ? Kindly drop a line with your thoughts on the matter in the section below and also don’t forget to share this article on your social media.

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