Since S.Coups, Woozi, and Hoshi are pointed as the leader of their subunits with S.Coups as the whole group’s leader, they have different ways to manage and handle their members. But at the same time, they have the same goal to keep up the team’s good work and build strong bonds within their friendship. Find out more about SEVENTEEN’s leader in the article below by Channel-Korea!

How SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Handles His Group and Members

For those of you who have known SEVENTEEN for a long time, you must have noticed that S.Coups is a great leader for SEVENTEEN. In the group, he is the whole group leader as well as the Hip-Hop team leader. The Hip-Hop team leader, S.Coups has managed to take care of the Hip-Hop team including members such as Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon. According to the other members, they have considered S.Coups as the ‘Dad’ of the group. Although he is very competitive and strong outside, S.Coups has a fragile heart inside. He hates to show his weaknesses to the other members and tries to present himself as a strong person. Despite his fragile heart, S.Coups is a reliable leader that makes other members rely very well on him. Jeonghan and Seungkwan once even talked to him about their problems, and S.Coups gave them good advice and an honest answer.

What SEVENTEEN Members Think About S.Coups as The Leader

Mostly, all the SEVENTEEN members agree that S.Coups is very reliable and they can always depend on him. However, sometimes the members want S.Coups to not carry all of the problems alone and share them with other members. Seungkwan once said, “I know how much harder [S.Coups] has it, so I hope that you can share more of your responsibility with us,” as he mentioned that S.Coups should have asked for help when he needs it. Meanwhile, the rest of the members describe S.Coups as a loyal, dependable, and trustworthy leader.

SEVENTEEN’s S.Coup’s Character and Personality as a Leader

S.Coups has INFP as his MBTI personality type, so we can tell that he is an introverted person. It was also proven when the other members went shopping and did many pieces of stuff, but S.Coups decided to sleep and have a rest as much as he got the chance. Although he is an introvert and has a fragile heart, S.Coups always wants to give his best to the whole group and the members. The way he didn’t want to show his weaknesses, the way he cares and listens to every member’s problems, even S.Coups always notices every member’s condition. He will support the members even in the smallest details such as how he assured Woozi not to be nervous to do bungee jumping although he was scared as well; how S.Coups always takes the difficult takes so the other members don’t have to handle difficult things, and a lot more!

How SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Handles His Group and Members

As we have explained briefly, SEVENTEEN has three subunits and each of them has a leader. For the whole group and the Hip-Hop unit, S.Coups is pointed as the leader. Meanwhile, for the Vocal team, Woozi is pointed as the leader where the lineup consists of him, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, and Seungkwan. Initially, Woozi was supposed to be in the performance team, but since he’s making so many songs, he got into the Vocal unit. For over five years, Woozi has co-composed most of the SEVENTEEN songs with Pledis Entertainment‘s producer Bumzu, and his amazing skills in writing and making music are unquestionable. Due to his incredible skills, Woozi is called ‘The Genius Composer’, though sometimes he gets worried if the song doesn’t turn out well, then it is his fault. But still, he can get different inspirations at the same time, even when he was just walking around with the members!

What SEVENTEEN Members Think About Woozi as The Leader

When it comes to making and composing music, SEVENTEEN members agree that Woozi is a very serious person which brought him the nickname Woozi ‘Documentary’. Even the group’s whole leader, S.Coups, felt sorry toward Woozi because he thought Woozi was more of a leader than he is, and because Woozi is the one who makes SEVENTEEN work.

SEVENTEEN’s Woozi’s Character and Personality as a Leader

Just like S.Coups, Woozi has an introverted personality. He may look shy and blunt, but Woozi can be very close to someone and manage to have a strong relationship for a very long time. There was a time when he felt awkward according to DK, but Woozi can be very serious and detail-oriented at some point. Aside from that, the members trust Woozi for his work, and he was voted by the members as the most hard-working person along with Hoshi.

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