Currently, South Korea’s conscription rules are based on a law enacted in 1965. Those who are required to participate in this program are all males aged 18–35. Meanwhile, women are not required to register, but they can register in the Reserve Officers Training Corps. The length of time for this military service is around 2 years. Depending on the location of placement, whether in the army, sea, or air. In this article, we are going to provide you with detailed information about BTS’s Jin as one of the oldest members of the group and his plans to immediately enlist in the military because of his predetermined schedule. However, for some reason, BTS’s Jin has not been able to carry out his mandatory military service according to schedule. Beside that, there are also new laws that are still being drafted for the postponement of military conscripts from artists in the entertainment industry. Want to know more details? Let’s find out more in this article below!

BTS’s Jin’s Military Service

BTS member Jin can postpone his military service for up to two more years. The National Assembly of South Korea passed a draft law on postponing enlistment for artists on December 1st, 2020. Artists who received a recommendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism for making significant achievements in enhancing the nation’s image can postpone military service to the age of 30 (international age). Of the 268 members of the National Assembly, 253 votes flowed for the bill, 2 voted against it, and 13 abstentions. The bill has been nicknamed the ‘BTS military service amendment’ or ‘BTS Law’ because of its implications for BTS. BTS’s oldest member, Jin, should already have enlisted because he turned 28 years old internationally on December 4th, 2020. Previously, this was the maximum age for conscription. Given that they are the first idol group to receive the Order of Cultural Merit Award from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2018, the seven members will receive a recommendation to postpone the military service. Last October, the Military Manpower Administration stated that although they would not exempt artists like BTS from military service, they were open to the possibility of suspension. In the press conference for the launch of the album BE on November 20th, 2020, Jin emphasized that BTS members are ready to undergo military service. “As male citizens of the Republic of Korea, registration is compulsory, and when the state calls, we will gladly carry out. I will carry out my duties when the time comes,” said Jin in response to reporters’ questions. Jin revealed that he often discussed military service with his six teammates. “The members and I have discussed this topic a lot and we agreed to carry out our mandatory military duties,” said BTS’s Jin.

The Reason Why His Military Service Was Postponed

On September 16th, 2020, Seo Wook has sent a letter of questions and answers to the National Assembly’s National Defense Committee. In the question and answer session, Seo Wook was asked about his opinion on the military service exemption. “What is your position in the military service exemption system and the special military exemption for BTS?” the question sounded. “Everyone should be treated fairly and equitably. The special conscription exemption for talented K-pop artists is a matter where national consensus must be preceded and prior discussion is required,” Seo Wook replied. Previously, on September 3rd, 2020, representative Jeon Yong Ki of the Democratic Party of Korea proposed a partial revision of the Military Compulsory Law. The proposal would allow K-pop artists, who were recommended by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to postpone military service if so willing. This is considered to be able to make a significant contribution to improving the dignity of the nation. Previously reported, Big Hit Entertainment said there was a possibility that Jin from BTS could postpone his military service until next year. Jin, who was born in 1992, was supposed to enlist the military service by the end of this year. “It has been studied the possibility that the oldest member Kim Seok-jin (Jin) could postpone his military service until the end of 2021 under the military service law,” Big Hit said. Big Hit has not officially stated the date Jin will have to enter the army. For months, in South Korea, both fans and the general public have discussed whether or not BTS should be granted military exemptions. This is considered considering the contribution of BTS to a country that makes economic profits so that South Korea is now a country that is known almost all over the world. The Military Manpower Administration (MMA) finally announced on October 9th, 2020, that they do not support the exemption of compulsory military service for BTS on the grounds of the principles of justice and equality. However, the government has not actually spoken about this issue before. Several years ago, there were examples of military exemption cases against famous classical musicians and athletes. At that time, Son Heung Min, also known as Sonny, won gold for South Korea in 2018 and received an exemption in the military. However, despite debates by members of the ruling party’s parliament, MMA has taken a decision. They decided that K-Pop idols would not be granted military exemptions for any reason. According to MMA, K-Pop singers do not qualify because they are not in line with the government’s basic stance regarding military service. Conversely, postponing the military timetable may be a viable option. Currently, there is an amendment so that K-Pop idols can postpone their duties until the age of 30. Under current law, citizens of the Republic of Korea must write in writing a condition requesting suspension with possible refusal. If so, Jin will have to register by the end of 2021, according to what is stipulated in the current law. Next is Suga who was born in 1993, followed by RM (Rap Monster) who was born in 1994, followed by J-Hope and V who were born in 1995. Then Jungkook, the youngest, will join the military the last. Regarding this, ARMY may feel a little sad about this news. However, prior to military departure, BTS certainly still had many roads that they still had to travel with ARMYs.

When Will BTS Members Enlist?

Many famous male K-Pop idols have even had to pass their military service as one of the mandatory requirements that every man in South Korea must do. The BTS members are no exception, who must immediately perform military service as one of the requirements to become citizens who obey any regulations provided by the country. Let’s take a more detailed look at the BTS members who will be getting their mandatory military schedule!

BTS’s RM’s Military Service

There are several fans who make summaries about the schedules of the BTS members of the military service. BTS’s RM, who is one of the members included in the oldest line in the group, is predicted to join the military in 2024. In that year, BTS’s RM, who will just start his duties and responsibilities as a public servant in South Korea, will leave every activity and promotion with the group that popularized his name in the entertainment industry. After BTS’s RM joined the military service, BTS’s Jin and Suga, who had previously joined the army, will immediately be discharged and return to activities with the group.

BTS’s J-Hope’s Military Service

BTS’s J-Hope gets the turn to enlist in the military with a schedule with BTS’s RM. In 2023, J-Hope is predicted to participate in carrying out his duties and responsibilities as a South Korean citizen by registering with the army. As previously explained, BTS’s J-Hope will also temporarily halt activities and promotions with the group. After approximately 2 years of military service, J-Hope is predicted to return to live his life as a K-Pop idol and also one of the members of BTS in early 2026.

BTS’s Suga’s Military Service

Five of the BTS members were reported to be studying Advertising for a Master’s degree. RM, Suga, and J-Hope have enlisted since March 2019. In addition, Big Hit confirmed this action is not to avoid military service. “The personnel registering for postgraduate programs has nothing to do with their compulsory military service and they enter the university because they are interested in studying,” explained Big Hit Entertainment. As one of the members included in the oldest line of the group, BTS’s Suga also plans to follow the mandatory military schedule in 2023. This makes one member who has a position as a rapper in the group undergo mandatory military service for approximately 2 years and there is no further delay when compared to the previous news about their education in the university.

BTS’s Jimin’s Military Service

Another member of BTS who is also famous as a member with a position as a main dancer, which is Jimin, is also predicted to have his turn to join the military service in 2025. At that time, BTS’s Suga will complete his mandatory military service and return soon to activities and promotions with BTS as before. Even though in 2025 the BTS line-up will still be incomplete because some people will still undergo military service, but is also the obligation of other members to get their respective turns to fulfill their responsibilities as citizens of South Korea.

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