Through that, it was reported that ENHYPEN’s leader would be Jungwon. Initially, all the members had joined the selection process, and the two final remaining candidates were Heeseung and Jungwon. The final decision was to select Jungwon as the group leader, despite Heeseung being the oldest member of the group. How did it happen? Find out the answer to the story of Jungwon becoming ENHYPEN’s best leader in this article written by Channel-Korea.

Jungwon Was Chosen as ENHYPEN’s Leader Instead of Heeseung

Jungwon was chosen as ENHYPEN’s leader even before the group’s official debut even though Heeseung is the oldest member. The reason is because Jungwon passed all the test that all members joined for the group leader election. In the end, Jungwon and Heeseung were chosen as the final two candidates. The staff members mentioned that Heeseung is the oldest in ENHYPEN, and at the same time, he is the core of ENHYPEN’s performance. It would be difficult for him to take another role, so the final decision was to select Jungwon as the leader.

Heeseung Said to Jungwon That He Wants to Stay as a Regular Member

Jungwon once explained that one of the reasons why he was chosen as the leader was because Heeseung came to Jungwon and said that he would like to remain a member instead of the group leader. Heeseung also said that the members might have a hard time while talking to the leader if he is also the oldest in the group just like Heeseung.

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Naturally Acts as a Leader

Jungwon is naturally paying attention to other ENHYPEN members very well. And at the same time, he is very persistent on the stage, which is why he is sometimes called ENHYPEN’s ‘scary’ leader. Jungwon simply makes sure of the safety of other members, just like when they found out that ENHYPEN’s Jay is allergic to flowers, Jungwon suggested the members take away the flowers.

He always makes small gestures like feeding the members their favorite foods, waking up the members in the morning, or handing them something casually. His small acts mean a lot, and Jungwon has done his duties as the young and reliable leader of ENHYPEN!

Jungwon Had Difficulties as ENHYPEN’s Leader

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon faced some difficulties at first, but as time went by, he has managed to become a good leader for ENHYPEN while maintaining a good relationship among the members. Jungwon explained that he and the members have made a rule to put work first, and they would talk about any problems after their work is done and the members are home. The fact that he is a successful group leader despite the oldest member in the group being ENHYPEN’s Heeseung also speaks volumes about his skills, talent, and dedication. However, Heeseung is also comforting him and he has his trust in Jungwon for being a good leader. Some difficulties that Jungwon has faced include an argument among some of the members. However, Jungwon tried to settle the issue without anyone else getting involved or even being aware of the strange atmosphere. Jungwoon felt some pressure as a leader, but in the end, he managed to deal with the situation, and some others things. Despite the difficulties, Jungwon is still working it up and believes that the members and he are capable of great teamwork together. That is everything about ENHYPEN’s Jungwon as the group leader. Despite becoming a leader at 16 years old, Jungwon has proven his hard work has paid off while dealing with many difficulties at the same time. Let’s keep supporting him and the rest of the members to keep up the good work. What do you guys think about Jungwon as the leader of ENHYPEN? Tell us your opinion regarding the matter in the comment section below, and don’t forget to kindly share this article on your social media.

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