Woo!ah! Nana is the leader, center, and main dancer of the group. She was born on March 9, 2001, in Seoul. Nana’s real name is Kwon Na-yeon. But sometimes fans call her with cute nicknames such as Kwon Rabbit, etc. Let’s talk more details about Kwon Na-yeon or Woo!ah! Nana’s profile in this article. Scroll down to find out more!

Woo!ah! Nana’s Profile

Check out Woo!ah! Nana’s profile to get to know her better! Stage Name: Nana Real Name: Kwon Na-yeon Position: Leader, main dancer, center, lead vocal, lead rapper Birthday: March 9, 2001 Birth Place: Nowon-gu, Seoul, South Korea Nationality: South Korea Height: 163 cm Weight: N/A Blood Type: B MBTI: ENFP Hobby: Playing with dogs, playing Nintendo games, watching movies, sleeping, eating Family: Parents and older brother Education:

Seoul Noil Elementary School Noil Middle School Surak High School

Debut: 2020 Agency: NV Entertainment

Woo!ah! Nana’s Facts

There are a lot of interesting facts about Woo!ah! Nana. Check out the list of Woo!ah! Nana’s facts that you need to know!

Woo!ah! Nana is the oldest and the only member who has the longest trainee period in Woo!ah!. Woo!ah! Nana’s first impression is a cold girl, but she is actually very friendly and have a lot of cuteness. Woo!ah! Nana calls herself Ribbon Princess because she really likes ribbon. Woo!ah! Nana doesn’t like coffee. When she goes to a cafe, she orders bubble tea. Woo!ah! Nana uses Dior’s perfume. Woo!ah! Nana really likes Coca-Cola. She always drinks coke when she was in middle school. Woo!ah! Nana doesn’t like mint chocolate or mint in general. Among four seasons, Woo!ah! Nana likes autumn the most because it is not too cold as winter or not too hot as summer. Woo!ah! Nana likes chocolate cake, shabu-shabu, and malatang. Woo!ah! Nana enjoys watching horror movies and Crayon Shin-chan. Woo!ah! Nana likes hip-hop music. Woo!ah! Nana likes to play in Nintendo Switch, but she doesn’t like playing mobile games.

Woo!ah! Nana’s Discography

Let’s check out the discography of Woo!ah! Nana in this session.

Exclamation (May 15, 2020) woo!ah! (Single) Payday Qurious (November 24, 2020) Round and Round Bad Girl (Single) I Don’t Miss U “Wish” (May 27, 2021) Scaredy Cat Purple (Single) Pandora Shining Bright Catch the Stars (January 4, 2022) Catch the Stars (Single)

Woo!ah! Nana’s Pre Debut: Ex-SM Entertainment Trainee

During her pre-debut life, Woo!ah! Nana spent her days in Seoul, South Korea. She lived with her parents, older brother, and a dog. Before joining NV Entertainment, Woo!ah! Nana was a trainee of SM Entertainment. She was trained at the same time with some aespa’s members. Besides her, Woo!ah! Wooyeon is also a former trainee of SM Entertainment. In 2019, Woo!ah! Nana appeared in a video of Dick Punks featuring Cho Jung-chi, Cheers! Check out the music video with the pre-debut Nana as the model below!

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