But, fans can’t help to keep wondering would DAY6 renew their contract because in 2022, it’s their 7 years anniversary would also mean the time when DAY6’s contract end with JYP Entertainment. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about DAY6’s future as a group.

DAY6 Contract Ended in 2022

Even though JYPE hasn’t released any news about the DAY6 contract that ended in 2022, MYDAYs can rest assured their worries a bit because, before enlistment, Sungjin said that he want active in music and comeback for fans just like other members. Our best hope is for DAY6 to renew their contract and keep playing so they can be singing together with fans.

DAY6 Last Comeback In April 2021

Though DAY6 won MAMA for Best Band Performance category in 2020, sadly at that time they couldn’t promote the song in Music Show because of Jae and Sungjin who need to take a rest for recovering from their mental health issue. After a year of longing for DAY6 music, MYDAYs can finally be happy because, on March 2021, JYP Entertainment announced that DAY6 would make a comeback that set on April 19th, 2021. DAY6 makes their comeback with The Book of Us: Negentropy as the last part of The Book of Us series. But, when the comeback news announces, Sungjin through Vlive said that DAY6 wouldn’t promote the song and fans wonder why as it’s DAY6 comeback after a year. They found out the answer in March when Sungjin doing another Vlive.

DAY6 Member and Their Current Activity

Since their last comeback in April 2021 following Sungjin’s enlistment, DAY6 members take a chance to come back with their unit Even of Day and released EP Right Through Me in July 2021 with the title song Right Through Me. Following with Young K solo Eternal released on September 6th, 2021 with the title song Guard You. In the same month, Dowoon also released his first solo single Out of The Blue a song duet with Song Heejin on September 27th, 2021.  In 2022, Wonpil became the last member that released his solo EP before he enlist. He released EP title Pilmography with the title song Voiceless and hold five days solo concert Pilmography. It was scheduled that after the last day of his concert, Wonpil would enlist in the military. Let’s check out the details of the DAY6 member activity.

Sungjin Enlist in March 2021

On March 8th, 2021 Sungjin doing a sudden Vlive with the title Salute. MYDAYs, knowing there’s a Vlive from Sungjin nearing their comeback date, MYDAYs deliberately excited and tuned in the Vlive. But they get curious as Sungjin has shaved his hair, like he previously did in 2018 and he is in a car, looking like he was going somewhere. It Sungjin itself announced that he was on his way to the military training center and began his military service. This news though has been expected by fans, but still shocked MYDAYs as it’s happened so suddenly. Sungjin himself said that he didn’t want to make everyone worried by announcing it a month earlier after he received the letter. It’s so Sungjin style to enlist quietly and doesn’t want to make everyone worry. In the Vlive, Sungjin assures fans that DAY6 would continue after he return and his discharge date is on September 7th, 2022 the same day as DAY6 7th Anniversary. MYDAYs could hope some good news on that days.

Young K Enlist in October 2021

Before his solo EP was released, Young K held Vlive on August 16th, 2021, and talked about his solo album as well as his plan to enlist in the fall. The date of his enlistment then revealed that he began serving in the army on October 12th, 2021, and would be served in KATUSA, The Korean Augmentation Troops to the United States Army. When he talked about his enlistment he said that before he enlist, he gonna working hard and prepare so in his solo debut, he can show the good side of himself and makes people laugh and smile as much as they can. Because he just enlist at the end of 2021, he would discharge on April 11th, 2023.

Dowoon Enlist in January 2022

Though Dowoon is the maknae of the group, he decided to enlist early. On December 2021, through Vlive that held by Wonpil and Dowoon, Dowoon told MYDAYs that that day is his last schedule cause he gonna enlist on January 17th, 2022. Dowoon also reveals that he going to enlist as a member of the military band. He shared that he choose to enlist early in hopes to minimize DAY6 hiatus and catching up with the discharge timing with the older members. Dowoon who enlist early in 2022 set to discharge from the army in November 2023.

Wonpil Enlist in March 2022

Wonpil became the last DAY6 member that announce his military enlistment. On February 23rd, 2022 after his solo EP Pilmography was released on February 7th, 2022, Wonpil hold Vlive and talked about his solo debut. In the same Vlive, he also announced that he going to enlist next month on March 28th, 2022. He said that since other members already enlisted, he kind of wanted enlists early too. He also said he wanted to minimize DAY6 hiatus by enlisting as early as possible. Wonpil also share that he would enlist in the navy and his reason to choose the navy because it’s the fastest available option so he can serve as soon as possible and match up the time of his enlistment with other DAY6 members. On the last day of his Pilmography concert on March 27th, 2022, Wonpil who the next day should enlist tearfully said that DAY6 would be back and asked MYDAYs to wait for a little bit longer cause DAY6 would be back with a cooler image, and Youngk who happen to be there since the beginning of the concert also nod and makes fans become emotional as all four member of DAY6 now serving in military.

Jae Announce Departure From DAY6 On January 1st , 2022

A shocking news coming from DAY6 eldest member as well guitarist, Jae. Through the full statement from JYP Entertainment, they announced that Jae would no longer continue his activity with DAY6 as he is leaving the band and also terminate his contract with JYP Entertainment on 31st, 2021. Jae himself also announced on his Twitter account that he going to take a break from the band and thanks fans who singing and running together for the past six year, but JYP Entertainment makes statement that Jae is no longer DAY6 member, so at the time being, Jae going to pursue individual activity and might be rejoin the band when they all discharged. Right now, Jae is becoming a Twitch streamer as well promote as an artist under the name eaJ. He also going to release the single Car Crash set to release on April 8th, 2022. DAY6’s future might be still in question as JYP Entertainment hasn’t released statement about DAY6 renewal contract, but because DAY6 member always putting pray that the going to be together after they discharged, it’s could became good sign isn’t it? Let’s pray that DAY6 and MYDAYs would be able singing together in one hall. While waiting for the DAY6 to get discharged, you can listening to their song and reading the complete information about DAY6 on Channel Korea. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it to Twitter!.

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