“WOW” is the fourth track on Twice’s first Korean studio album titled Twicetagram. This song was released on October 30th, 2017, through JYP Entertainment. This song is one of the twelve total sidetracks on Twicetagram. “WOW” is the third sidetrack, and was put after “Missing U” and before “FFW” in the Twicetagram tracklist. To promote “WOW” as well as the Twicetagram album, the agency released an album spoiler. It was filled with snippets of every track in this very first studio album. You can enjoy the “WOW” full version through this studio album. They released this song digitally too, so you can also listen to “WOW” by streaming it on Twice’s official YouTube channel and their Spotify. Click the video below to listen to “WOW”.

Before the release date, the agency released an album spoiler video. The snippet of “WOW” can be listened through this spoiler video. Check this video to see the album spoiler.

After the release of Twicetagram, this song was officially released for the second time on December 11th, 2017. It was released as the sixth track out of fifteen tracks in Twice’s second reissued album titled Merry & Happy.

Background of “WOW” – When Did It Start

The story began when Twice were reported of having begun filming a music video in Canada. Those unofficial reports were spread for the first time among media outlets on September 8th, 2017. Twice’s agency JYP Entertainment, on the same day, responded by saying that those reports were true, Twice were preparing their next comeback. On that day, the agency hadn’t decided the exact comeback date for the girls. They just confirmed that Twice would be making their comeback soon. About more than two weeks later, on September 25th, the agency announced that Twice’s comeback would be scheduled in late October. But still, at that time, the agency hadn’t decided the exact date of this comeback. After a while without any further announcement about the comeback, Twice held a two-day fan meeting starting from October 14th until the 15th. This fan meeting was titled Twice Fan Meeting: ONCE Begins! This meeting was very special to the members because at this fan meeting, Twice were celebrating their second anniversary since their debut. During the last day of this fan meeting, the girls suddenly showed a trailer for the next upcoming album. It was shown to Once’s, and they were surprised because, before that day, Twice’s agency never gave any further announcement for this comeback. So it was a surprising moment for them and became a great closing to end the fan meeting.

The Release of MV Trailers and Photo Teasers

The next day, on October 16th at midnight, Twice released a music video trailer for the lead single. Also, at that time, it was revealed that the lead single is titled “Likey”. This lead single would become the first track of their first studio album titled Twicetagram. Also at midnight, it was announced that the Twicetagram release would be on October 30th. The Twicetagram title simply was referencing Twice’s official Instagram, with their username being @twicetagram. Three days after the “Likey” music video trailer was released (October 19th), Twice uploaded their first group photo teaser to the media. This photo was a very unique and cute concept because Twice made their group photo like it had been uploaded through Instagram. It had an old-redesigned user interface (UI) of Instagram that was released at that time. It was a very catchy photo; you can see the photo here.

The VLive Broadcast and The Release of Tracklist Poster, Photo Teasers, and Video Teasers

The following day, on October 20th, the girls streamed themselves in a VLive broadcast. This broadcast was made to celebrate the group’s second anniversary. While celebrating the anniversary, some members told Once’s some further details about the Twicetagram album. They mentioned that there will be thirteen tracks in this very first album, and said that some of the members were included in the songwriting of some sidetracks on this album. They also gave some spoilers to Once’s by singing some of their sidetracks. The day after that, on October 21st, the agency released a completed tracklist poster for the Twicetagram album. As the girls told Once’s on their broadcast, there would be thirteen tracks on Twicetagram. The tracklist poster was also made with an old-redesigned Instagram UI. You can see the tracklist poster, here. From this poster similar to an Instagram post, we can see that the members who wrote some of their sidetracks were Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Nayeon, Jihyo, and Jeongyeon. After this day, on October 23rd, Twice unveiled their second group photo teaser for Twicetagram. As usual, it was also designed with the Instagram UI for that time. The next day, on October 24th, they released the first batch of their individual photo teasers. It was all designed like an Instagram post. On the same day, they also released their photos like a Boomerang style. It was looking like a moving image, like a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) image. After that, starting from October 25th until October 27th, they released their individual video teasers. Each member’s teaser was only 15 seconds long, and it was a vertical video. On October 27th and 28th, they also uploaded two music video teasers for “Likey”. They also uploaded an album spoiler video on October 28th too; after a few hours, they uploaded the second teaser for the “Likey” music video.

Story of “WOW” – A Track with a Fast Beat and a Jazz Bass

For creating “WOW”, there were four people who penned this song. These four people were Mafly, Ponde, Lee Miso, and Kako. Pop Time and Kriz also contributed to this song as the song’s composers, while Pop Time arranged this song. Pop Time has collaborated with many K-pop groups and solo artists, among his most notable works are with Block B and Zico. “WOW” is described as a track with a fast tempo. It also has a jazz bass, and also includes some dance beats. This song is about wowing someone that he/she falls in love with for the first time. It seems like this person really feels his/her heart thumping so hard when he/she meets that someone. He/she feels crazy and happy, also at the same time he/she feels like he/she is in a dream.

“WOW” Achievements: 17th Position on the K-pop Hot 100

“WOW” has charted on several song charts. It dominated the Gaon Music Chart; for more details, check out the table below for the song’s peak position in every chart.

WOW  2017  by Twice - 10WOW  2017  by Twice - 97WOW  2017  by Twice - 73