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Xdinary Heroes’ Jungsu’s Profile

Name: Kim Jungsu (김정수) Stage Name: Jungsu (정수) Birthday: June 26th, 2001 Birthplace: Ilsan, South Korea Agency: STUDIO J Group: Xdinary Heroes Occupation: Idol, Keyboardist, Singer, Songwriter, Rapper Years Active: 2021 Height: 177 cm (5’7″) Weight: 56 kg Zodiac: Cancer Chinese Zodiac: Snake Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean

Xdinary Heroes’ Jungsu Facts

Before his debut, Jungsu was a trainee for 3 years. Jungsu first appeared in the JYP Trainee Showcase in 2019. He has a good and strong voice. At first, Jungsu joined his company to become a member of an idol group. He learned to play the keyboard after joining JYP Entertainment. He has chubby cheeks, so he is called Butt Soo. Jungsu’s hobbies are longboarding, chatting, and riding a bicycle. Before learning to play the keyboard, he had already been playing the piano from when he was 7 to when he was 11 years old. He likes all foods except tteokbokki. Every time he is online on social media, he usually uses #effort, #cheeky, and #mukbang as his personal hashtags. He doesn’t like mint chocolate. Jungsu has light brown hair and brown eyes. Jungsu is a fast learner.

Xdinary Heroes’ Jungsu’s MBTI

This rapper of Xdinary Heroes is an ISFP: this type stands for “Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving.” People with this type have a strong character, they are very careful in making decisions, focus on details, and have a peaceful mind. Not only that, they like to learn something new all the time. However, even though they are very flexible and like to learn new things, they get tired easily, which fits Jungsu’s personality. Xdinary Heroes’ Jungsu is a very calm person, he also likes to learn something new fast, but sometimes, because he learns too many things, he gets tired easily.

Xdinary Heroes’ Jungsu Pre Debut

After debuting as an idol, many people got curious about Jungsu’s pre-debut photos. Jungsu was a trainee for 3 years in JYP before debuting as a member of Xdinary Heroes, and learning to play the keyboard. However, when he was a child, Jungsu had already learned how to play the piano properly. Here’s a photo of Jungsu with his piano! Everybody says that Jungsu has chubby cheeks, look at little Jungsu with his cheeks below! Since his pre-debut days, Jungsu already looked precious. So, here are the photos!

Debut With Xdinary Heroes

After being a trainee for 3 years, finally, Kim Jungsu debuted with his pop-rock band named Xdinary Heroes. His band debuted on December 6th, 2021, with their first single entitled “Happy Death Day”. Kim Jungsu was the fifth member to be revealed on November 18th, 2021, through the video released by JYP Entertainment on their YouTube channel. Then, on November 25th, 2021, JYP Entertainment released his performance video by showing his keyboard playing skills; here’s the video.

In his band, Kim Jungsu got the position of main vocalist, keyboardist, and also lead rapper. He succeeded in making his fans amazed by his vocals and performance. Just a month after debut, Jungsu and his band reached more than 12 million views on YouTube. Do you wanna see Xdinary Heroes’ music video? You can click the video below!

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