In this article, there’s detailed information about one of Xdinary Heroes’ members who also has the position as a synthesizer and vocalist, Oh Seung-min, also known as We will go over his full profile, fun facts, early life story, and his taste in music in the article below!

Xdinary Heroes’’s Profile

Real Name: Oh Seung-min (Hangul: 오승민) Stage Name : (Hangul: 오드) Birth: Yeongtong-gu Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, June 11th, 2002 Star Sign: Gemini Blood Type: A Height: 176 cm Position in the Group: Synthesizer, Main Rapper, Vocalist Education:

Shinsung Elementary School (Graduation) Yeongdeok Middle School (Graduation) Cheongmyeong High School (Graduation)

Family Members: Parents and Brother Nationality: Korean

Xdinary Heroes’’s Fun Facts

Xdinary Heroes’’s Pre-Debut

He is from Gyeonggi-do but has a Busan dialect accent. His parents are from Busan, and they go down to Busan every holiday. Before his debut, he thought of himself as a Shiba Inu and put a Shiba Inu sticker on his phone case. However, after the group’s release, fans say that he is a fox, and he seems to be very troubled because of that. From the first year of elementary school to the first year of middle school, it was his dream to become a comedian. He likes to be funny. Then, he said that he had to face reality and quit. After that, he played a cross-country career from the late first year of middle school to the middle of the first year of high school. During vacation, he did not spend the vacation properly because he stayed in a camp. During summer vacation, he mainly ran in the mountains. Jun Han, who had only encountered the camp through comic books, asked if he felt like he was going to play, but he said that it was literally a camp and that he should never think of the word playing. Then, there was a problem with the future vision and there was a knee injury so he had to quit. After wandering around, my mother encouraged me to attend a local practical music academy. Originally, he was thinking of going to become a fitting model. Then, he passed an audition for JYP Entertainment and entered the idol path. At that time, the representative of the academy contacted the JYP casting manager and had him auditioned. At the audition, sang and danced, but the songs were “I Fell in Love” and “Meet You,” and for the dance, two songs were played so he did a freestyle dance to match. At first, he was reluctant, but the head of the academy persuaded him by saying, “I think you’ll do well,” and he started. To be honest, he didn’t know what kind of music he was going to do until then. He only vaguely thought of idols and dances.’s trainee period was 3 years, the longest among the members. When he first became a trainee, it was difficult because there were rules, and there were so many things he had to follow. It got better as he gradually got used to it, but at some point after repeating practice, evaluation, work, and home, he was thinking, “Why am I doing this? Can I debut?” Moreover, at that time, JYP Entertainment did not have a specific plan to launch a boy group, and they just said that there was something. So, he became suspicious of even himself and said it was difficult. Originally, he was a trainee on the JYP Entertainment dance team along with Jungsu. The company suggested combining the two members’ sense of rhythm and band and had them leave the dance team to become band members. Actually, he hadn’t heard from the beginning that he was moving to a band team. He said that he would learn the keyboard and learned the instrument as well. He was very surprised at that time. To be honest, when he was told to be in a band, he really hated it. At first, the sudden change did not take place. He consulted and told them that he didn’t want to be in a band. Still, JYP Entertainment persuaded him to try it first, but he couldn’t get his mind right. Then, he thought of watching the videos of DAY6, his senior band from his agency, so he searched through the videos one by one and gradually began to understand the charm of a band. Then, little by little, he started working hard, and he thought he wanted to join this band so he finally made his debut with Xdinary Heroes.

Xdinary Heroes’’s Debut in 2021

His stage name, that is, Od, was coined by him. Because his real name is Oh Seung-min, he said that he and the staff found words that start with “O.” Then, he discovered the word “OD” and picked it up because it was related to music. Regarding Xdinary Heroes, he really hopes that the group will last a long time. All the members are different so they have no choice but to fight. But, since they have to live together for a few years and do activities together, they hope that even if they fight, they can solve it well and go on for a long time. Xdinary Heroes is one of’s dreams. When people think of Xdinary Heroes, he hopes they will say, “A band that is good at music. I want to become a team that can know that they do this kind of music.” When Park Jin-young asked a question about whether the band seemed to be his path, he answered that his first thought was “It’s so good,” but, sometimes, he also wondered “Is this going well?” To be honest, he always worries because both joining JYP Entertainment and joining the band didn’t actually start with’s own choice. In response, Park Jin-young advised that it is not often in his life that he picks up all the views and chooses them. Whether that choice will be a good choice or a bad choice is not the moment when you make the choice but how you live your life going forward after you make the choice. After joining the band, he said that he looked up a lot of videos of performances by DAY6, a band from the same agency. In particular, he said he watched a lot of videos of Wonpil, who was in the same keyboard position, to motivate him. The most memorable moment while preparing for his debut was the first day when he toured the dormitory with the members. As the past time flashed through’s mind, he thought, “This is really just the beginning.”’s in-ear activity was his name and includes himself writing “699902, “five” (because his family name is Oh), and he chose purple, which is one of his favorite colors.

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