“Yes or Yes (Japanese Ver.)” is a Japanese song from the South Korean girl group Twice. This song was one of Twice’s sidetracks on their second compilation album titled #Twice2. It was released on March 6th, 2019, under Warner Music Japan. “Yes or Yes (Japanese Ver.)” is the fifth track and the last Japanese track on #Twice2. This song is the third sidetrack of #Twice2. In the tracklisting, this song is put between two sidetracks which are the Japanese version of “Dance the Night Away” and the original version of “Likey.” To introduce this Japanese version of “Yes or Yes,” Warner Music Japan released a full version audio video and a spoiler video for #Twice2. You can listen to the Japanese version of “Yes or Yes” by clicking this video below.

A spoiler video for #Twice2 was also released. This video is filled with a medley of all five Japanese tracks on #Twice2. You can watch the spoiler movie here.

Background of “Yes or Yes (Japanese Ver.)”: The Release Story of #Twice2

It was announced that #Twice2 a TWICE’s Japanese compilation album would be released on March 6th. In that month, JYP Entertainment also announced that the members would be participating in #Dreamday, Twice Dome Tour in 2019. It was revealed that the dome tour dates would be in March 2019, too. On February 13th, Warner Music Japan released a short video of no longer than one minute. This short video was called “Spoiler Video” and was meant to spoil Japanese Once about five upcoming Japanese tracks on #Twice2. After that, on March 6th, the #Twice2 album was officially released. The album was released physically and digitally. The physical album of #Twice2 was released in three versions. Those versions are Standard Edition, First Press Limited Edition A, and First Press Limited Edition B. You can see the Limited Edition A cover here. As a sidetrack of #Twice2, the Japanese version of “Yes or Yes” was also released physically and digitally on that day. As announced, Twice would hold their #Dreamday Dome Tour in March 2019. This #Dreamday tour would be the initial Twice tour to promote #Twice2, including the Japanese version of “Yes or Yes.”

Story of “Yes or Yes (Japanese Ver.)”: A J-Pop Track About Replying “Yes”

The Japanese version of “Yes or Yes” had Sim Eunjee and Matsumoto Yuka as its lyric writers. David Amber composed and arranged this song. When composing, David Amber collaborated with Sean Alexander to make a superb composition for this song. Lyrically, this song speaks about how to make a person reply “yes” to someone who confesses their love to that person.

MV of “Yes or Yes (Japanese Ver.)”

As a sidetrack, there’s no music video made for “Yes or Yes (Japanese Ver.).” The only music videos that are available from #Twice2 are for the two lead singles, the Japanese version of “Likey” and “What Is Love?”

“Yes or Yes (Japanese Ver.)” Performance: Performed on Music Station, M Countdown, #Dreamday Tour, and Rakuten Girls Awards

On March 8th, 2019, Twice performed “Yes or Yes (Japanese Ver.)” for the first time on Music Station. They performed this song as a medley with the Japanese versions of “Likey” and “What Is Love?” The full version of “Yes or Yes (Japanese Ver.)” was performed for the first time on March 11th, 2019, in M Countdown from the Mnet K-POP station. As written before, Twice’s #Dreamday tour would be the first official stage for performing songs on #Twice2. The Japanese version of “Yes or Yes” was performed in #Dreamday. The members performed this song as a medley with “One More Time,” “Candy Pop,” “Wake Me Up,” and “BDZ.” The #Dreamday concerts were held from March 20th until April 6th, 2019, in Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya. On June 30th, 2019, Twice performed the Japanese version of “Yes or Yes” at the 2019 Rakuten Girls Awards for the spring and summer edition. You can see one of their performances by clicking a fan-made video here.

 “Yes or Yes (Japanese Ver.)” Achievement: 1st Position on Line Music Top 100

The Japanese version of “Yes or Yes” has charted on several music charts. For more details, check the table below for the song’s peak positions on every chart.

Yes or Yes  Japanese ver   by Twice - 32Yes or Yes  Japanese ver   by Twice - 31