However, she started to get a lot of attention after making a comeback with the single titled, Taxi because there are many conspiracy theories and music video concepts that are quite controversial among the South Korean community. Even so, Anda still received positive attention after joining YGX Entertainment and getting his latest promotions. To get to know more about Anda, let’s look in more detail about Anda’s full profile, fun facts, career journey until news about her in this article below!

Full Profile Of Anda

Real Name : Won Min-ji (hangul: 원민지) Stage Name : Anda (hangul: 안다) (previously known as Anddamiro (hangul: 안다미로) Nickname : Korea’s Lady Gaga Birth :  Seoul, South Korea, February 5, 1991 Star Sign : Aquarius Blood Type : O Height : 172 cm (5’8”) Weight : 51 kg (112 lbs) Education : Sungkyunkwan University, Department of Theater and Arts Agency : YGX ( YG Entertainment subsidiary ) Official Site : Instagram ( @anda_kiss )

Anda’s Fun Facts

Anda’s Pre-debut Era

Anda had aspired to be a singer since she was young. She has had stunning facial features since she was a child. However, she received some comments from people about her face that she lacked a good standard as a celebrity, so she also hesitated to realize her dream as a singer. In addition, this female soloist, whose real name is Won Min-ji, also tried another fortune by taking the university entrance exam before she debuted as a singer. She failed the test and immediately lost her confidence because she was unable to pass the entrance exam. However, she tried to take entrance exams at other universities and became a student at Sungkyunkwan University. Anda also had 50 auditions when he was in her second year of high school. She was also allowed to debut as a model, but he turned down the offer. After successfully entering university, Anda also had the opportunity to join her first agency, Trophy Entertainment, immediately. Despite her timid personality, she made her debut with her own efforts after failing multiple times while joining previous auditions. The agency also thought that she would debut as a member of a girl group, but her unique features and tall height would not be in harmony, so the agency finally made her solo debut after about a year of practice.

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