The actress is the pretty and talented Jung So-min!

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Jung So-min was born on March 16, 1989, in Seoul, with the real name Kim Yoon-ji. She made her acting debut by appearing in a short film called “Worst Friends” in 2009 along with actors such as Kim Soo-hyun, Bae Hye-mi, Kim Eun-mi, etc. A year later, Jung So-min appeared in a drama called “Bad Guy” as Hang Mo-ne, and another drama called “Playful Kiss” as one of the main characters, Oh Ha-ni, along with Kim Hyun-joong from “Boys Before Flowers.” Along the way, Jung So-min also appeared in a lot of types of K-dramas, movies, and even sitcoms as well as one drama special. Jung So-min showed us her acting skills by playing roles from being a naive girl, a strong-willing girl, an athletic girl, a hot-headed girl, etc. She also starred in a lot of genres such as melodramas, comedy, and family. Indeed, Jung So-min is such a versatile and talented actress! If you want to know more about her acting skills, why don’t we talk about top 5 dramas that she has appeared in? We guarantee that you won’t get bored watching these dramas. Scroll down to see the details!

Jung So-min in “Playful Kiss”

This series was a big hit drama for Jung So-min. She appeared in a drama called “Playful Kiss,” which aired on MBC in 2010, as the female main character, Oh Ha-ni. This drama is an adaptation of a famous drama from Japan, “Itazura Na Kiss,” which started as a manga and anime before becoming a live-action series. The Korean version of “Itazura Na Kiss” had Jung So-min as Aihara Kotoko in the Japanese version. She is a bright, yet dumb student who falls in love with a cold-hearted genius, Irie Naoki, or Baek Seung-jo in the Korean version. The role Baek Seung-jo was played by Kim Hyung-joon, who made his name after appearing n the popular drama “Boys Before Flowers” in 2008. Even though Oh Ha-ni and Baek Seung-jo’s personalities are totally different, as they get to know each other, the feelings between them start to grow. Oh Ha-ni never gives up on chasing Baek Seung-jo’s heart! People love this drama not only because of the interesting storyline, but also due to the amazing acting skill of both Jung So-min and Kim Hyung-joon. The series reached a wide audience not only inside Korea but also overseas. After appearing on the proram, Jung So-min’s name started to shine. Well done!

Jung So-min in “My Father is Strange”

Another popular series from Jung So-min is called “My Father is Strange,” a drama that aired on KBS in 2017. This drama tells a story about a family in Seoul where the main character is a man who has a wife and children, and a young man suddenly appears and says that he’s the man’s son. Jung So-min’s character is called Byun Mi-young, the third child of the family. The character of Byun Mi-young is  girl who used to be a judo athlete and gained weight when she was a teenager. Byun Mi-young was bullied by her friend in high school, and it made her want to lose weight. As a female, Byun Mi-young doesn’t really care about her fashion style, and always goes with a simple look. She managed to get a job in Gabi Entertainment as an intern. Byun Mi-young has a romantic partner named Ahn Joong-hee, who is portrayed by Lee Joon. The two have great chemistry and make people’s hearts flutter just by seeing them together in the drama. For your information, Jung So-min and Lee Joon were reported to be in a relationship after starring in this drama together. So happy for both of them!

Jung So-min in “Fix You”

The latest drama from Jung So-min, “Fix You,” tells a story about a musical actress named Woo-joo, who has a mental health issue and couldn’t hold back her anger despite her amazing achievements. She goes to a psychiatrist, Lee Shi-joon, to help her recover. The psychiatrist himself is focusing on healing the patient instead of just curing them. In order to fix Woo-joo, Lee Shi-joon tried to get closer to her and heal the pain from her past. The role of Lee Shi-joon is portrayed by Shin Ha-kyun.The role of the musical actress Woo-joo is portrayed by Jung So-min. If we usually see her playing roles as a good, naive girl, this time, we can see the ’emotional’ side of Jung So-min as a temperamental musical actress. In this drama, you can also learn about a mental health issue and how people who have that disorder suffer. Just like the words from Lee Shi-joon, people with a mental health issue are not crazy people, instead they’re just sick. And if they want to admit that they are sick, they can be healed. A totally must-watch drama from Jung So-min, once again!

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