In 2018, Twice made a comeback three times starting with the release of the EP What Is Love? on April 9 and continuing with the release of the EP Summer Nights on July 9. And, on October 11, 2018, JYP Entertainment confirmed that Twice would make a comeback on November 5, 2018. Twice made a comeback by releasing an EP titled Yes or Yes. This mini album has seven songs with the title track of the same name, “Yes or Yes.” Yes or Yes is Twice’s sixth mini album after debuting three years before with one of the big three K-pop agencies, JYP Entertainment. Several members also contributed to the process of making songs for the mini album Yes or Yes. They are Jihyo, Jeongyeon, and Chaeyoung. The three of them participated in writing the lyrics for three songs on the comeback album Yes or Yes. Jeongyeon wrote the lyrics for the third track “LALALA,” Chaeyoung wrote the lyrics for “Young & Wild” as the fourth track, and Jihyo wrote the lyrics for the fifth track “Sunset.” Chaeyoung is one of the members who almost always participates in writing lyrics for songs for Twice’s album. Through the song “Young & Wild” on the mini album Yes or Yes, Chaeyoung wants to give encouragement to her fans.

Background of “Young & Wild”

The “Young & Wild” lyrics were written by Chaeyoung with Kim Hyun-yoo (Flying Lab). The song with a duration of 3 minutes 2 seconds was composed by Kim Petras, CJ Abraham, and MkX. “Young & Wild” is a song that tells about the spirit of youth and self-confidence. We can feel the youthful spirit in the song “Young & Wild” in the intro of the song. This song starts with Mina’s intro. Mina said some very motivating words in the intro of the song. “We all have so many things to worry about in life. But you know? We are young and wild. Enjoy and feel special because there’s nothing stopping us.” This intro is a very interesting part of the song. “Young & Wild” is one of Twice’s songs that gives huge positive energy to the listeners.

Very Beautiful Lyrics

Chaeyoung is the second youngest member in Twice after the maknae Tzuyu. Chaeyoung was born on April 23, 1999. When she wrote the lyrics for “Young & Wild,” Chaeyoung was 19 years old. Despite being very young, Chaeyoung has already shown her talent as a lyricist. Chaeyoung’s songs always have very beautiful lyrics with various figurative words that are very interesting and artistic. In the song “Young & Wild,” Chaeyoung showed how she overcomes sadness and anxiety. These things are expressed with very beautiful lyrics that are very suitable for young people like the lyrics in the verse sang by Jeongyeon, “A bunch of tension, a full song on the list listen. Breath lightly with a heavy heart, taste the fresh free air” and also the lyrics sang by Mina, “Yeah, wear your most comfortable shoes and tie the straps tightly.” And, of course, the chorus is the main point of the song. The chorus is sung by Nayeon and Jihyo: “We are young and wild, I’ll live how I want, I don’t care. The road that my two feet land on, just leisurely leave it to my body. We are young and wild, like a hot burning fire. You and everyone know that we all will burn up.”

An Easy to Listen to Song

“Young & Wild” is a Twice song that had the potential to become an edgy hip hop song. But, Twice kept their character and made this song brighter and, of course, this is very unique. From the intro to the end of the song, “Young & Wild” is easy to listen to. Overall, “Young & Wild” is the most memorable track after the title track on the album Yes or Yes.

Audio of “Young & Wild”

Audio for “Young & Wild” was released on November 5, 2018, on Twice’s youTube channel. This audio has received more than 358 thousand views with 9.8 thousand likes.

Achievements of “Young & Wild”

“Young & Wild” did not receive special awards like the title track “Yes or Yes.” But, “Young & Wild” and five other songs helped the Yes or Yes album get many awards. In South Korea, the album Yes or Yes topped the Gaon Digital Chart after its first week of release. And, Yes or Yes also became Twice’s first album to gain rank 1 on the Oricon Albums Chart and Japan’s Digital Albums Chart. On November 11, 2018, the album also received a Platinum certification from Gaon for having sold more than 250,000 copies. In addition to the title track “Yes or Yes” which got an “all-kill” by topping several charts at once, six other songs from the mini album also entered the top seven of Japan’s Line Music chart

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