Of the nine members, there must be one of them who is the youngest member or commonly called the maknae. Well, in Younite, that maknae is named Sion. So, do you want to know more about the maknae? In this article, you’ll find out anything related to Sion, including his profile, his debut story with Younite, and many more!

Younite’s Sion’s Full Profile

Real Name: Kim Si-on (김시온) Stage Name: Sion (시온) Birth: Incheon, South Korea, October 19, 2004 Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown Blood Type: A Position in the Group: Vocal, maknae Nationality: Korean Official Site: Twitter: @YOUNITE_offcl, Instagram: @younite_bnm, TikTok: @younite_bnm

Younite’s Sion’s Fun Facts

Younite’s Sion’s Pre-Debut Story

Sion joined BNM when he was just 15 years old. BNM placed him as a member of Brandnewz, and he was officially announced as a member of the group on December 2, 2020. From that day on, Sion trained under BNM with other Brandnewz members. After Sion practiced for more than a year, Sion then prepared for his official debut. To prepare for the debut, Brandnewz changed its name to Younite. It’s still unknown whether those demos created by Brandnewz would eventually become debut songs for Younite.

Sion’s Debut with Younite through Lead Song “1 of 9”

To promote Younite’s debut song, BNM released prologue films, both for each member and for the group as a whole. The short films were released from February 13 to 24, 2022. Sion was introduced as the eighth member of Younite, and his prologue film was released after Hyunseung and before Dey, which was on February 22, 2022. The length of the prologue film for each member is 47 seconds.

In his prologue film, Sion’s role as a photographer. He looked engrossed in taking pictures with a DSLR camera in his hand. He then entered a photo studio, and his attention was drawn to another camera. After he shifted his focus, he looked into the camera’s viewfinder, and he suddenly felt a spinning sensation. Then, his eyes turned from black to blue. After BNM released the prologue films, BNM also released some short videos featuring each member. The company also released an announcement on March 18 that Younite would be officially debuting soon. After the announcement, Sion and the other members prepared for their debut performance. One month later, Sion made his official debut with Younite on April 20, 2022. They’ve released their debut extended play (EP) album Youni-Birth with its lead single “1 of 9”.

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