All About RM’s Nicknames and Their Meaning

RM, or Rap Monster, has the real name Kim Nam-joon. His usual nicknames are Joon, Namjoonie, and Joonie. He is one of the most fluent in speaking English. He said that he learned to speak English well by watching the series FRIENDS. That’s why RM is sometimes called the “English Teacher”. He also has the nickname Namu which is short for Namjoon. Next, RM is also called Moon Child since RM has late-night habits. Another cute name for RM is God of Destruction, which refers to his habit of breaking or tearing down things.

All About Jungkook’s Nicknames and Their Meaning

Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS, so he is often called the Golden Maknae mostly for his ability to do many things and his many talents. Another one of his nicknames that sound cute is Baby Bunny. Some unusual nicknames are Triple Threat since he has good skills in singing, dancing, and rapping. He also has the stage names Seagull and Justin Seagull because he is a fan of Justin Bieber. His real names is Jeon Jung-kook with many short nicknames such as Kook, Koo, Jungkookkie, Nochu, KooKoo, Kookie, and JK. Which nickname do you usually use to refer to Jungkook?

All About Jin’s Nicknames and Their Meaning

Jin’s real name is Kim Seok-jin. Talking about his nicknames, Jin has Jinnie and Seokjinnie which were made by his fans. Jin is also called Pink Princess since he loves pink. Moreover, Worldwide Handsome is a popular nickname for him because of his attractive face. He could also be called Pig Jin as he loves food, Eomma Jin as his traits are like a mother’s, Fake Maknae since he acts like the youngest but in fact, he is the oldest, and Chef Jin as he can cook food well. Another nickname for Jin is Worldwide Funny Guy because he loves to tell jokes.

All About Suga’s Nicknames and Their Meaning

Suga’s nicknames are Yoongs, Yoognies, Min Genius. He got this nickname from a derivative of his real name, Min Yoon-gi. Besides, he also fits into the category of genius which leads him to nicknames such as Minstradamus, Suga-JeonJae-Jjang-Jjang-Man-Bboong-Bboong. Suga is actively producing music for BTS and many artists, which has brought him the nickname Min PD. As far as unique nicknames are concerned, Suga is called Grandpa Yoongi because he loves sleeping a lot like old people do. Suga tends to set an overly high bar for cuteness during fan signing events, which has brought him the nickname Lil Meow Meow.

All About V’s Nicknames and Their Meaning

V has the real name Kim Tae-hyung, and his nicknames include Tae, Tae Tae, and Taehyungie. V is really good-looking physically which makes him called CGV, which means Computer Graphic V. He is also named Choco Bun because of his cute cheeks and softness. He loves Gucci, so he has the nickname Gucci Boy. The other nicknames often used by his fans are TaeTae, The One on the Left, and Baby Lion. His nickname, The One on the Left appeared after his looks went viral in BBMA.

All About J-Hope’s Nicknames and Their Meaning

J-Hope who has the nicknames Hobi and Seokie, has the real name Jung Ho-seok. He has other nicknames such as ARMY’s Hope, Sunshine because of his easy-going character, radiant traits, and positive character. Again, because of his skills in dancing, J-Hope is called the Team Dance Leader, Golden Hyung. Another cute name for him is The Sound Effect of the Group because J-Hope is multi-talented.

All About Jimin’s Nicknames and Their Meaning

Jimin’s real name is Park Ji-min with some popular nicknames Mochi, Jiminie, Chimchim. Jimin is called Mochi because of his adorable cheeks. His cheeks look squishy and soft. In fact, Mochi is a name of Asian sweet food which is very chewy and soft. Jimin is also called Manggae-tteok since his cheeks are like a rice cake, and Dooly because of his appearance like this cartoon character. Lastly, Jimin is called ChimChim, which is taken from the short playing of his real name. That’s all about the nicknames of BTS members that you need to know! Which nicknames do you like the most? Kindly write your comment in the section below and share your thoughts on social media, too. Keep supporting BTS and their career in music.

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